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Saturday, November 25, 2006


i suddenly have this urge to hate something, someone. i have no idea lol. it really annoys me and i actually doesnt wanna feel that way. dang! everyone have limits, and i have too! hmmm.. save me someone T-T i need strawberry shortcake! (i'mma hinting to nikiee hun *whistles*)

i hate, but i hate hating someone though :(( it feels so bad. but people just seems to ignore about how you'll feel eh? damn inconsiderate peoples. wanted to shout " GET THE HELL LOST" or even "SHUT THE BLOODY FUCK UP" but i just cant do lol. okay, maybe i'm too soft-hearted lmao xD

ahh dang. i just dont know what to do. i hope everything would be better after i go back to my hometown and get me 1 month rest lol. and then i'll plan to go to islands, yes islands! i bloody lurveeee da beauuutifulll sea and sand, i bloody lurveee to snorkle and look at fishes <3>

oh well, what to do? i cant even spend my new year eve with him, dang! because when i get back here, it would be January 2007 wOOt!! omfgbbqwtf. ahh i think i'll stop here in case i'll lose control xD muahhh to everyone <3


nikiee said...

awww hun why are you so emooo?
smilee x)
and yes uhm, *coughs* strawberry shortcake.
aiyo so susah, we have to make plans when everyone is free and we have transportation. u going back on the 30th?

Catty said...

haha i'm not sure too my hun. aww dang. i'mma going back on 30th larh my dear :(( i wish to hang out with u guys one day before i go back T_T