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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Vendetta RO memories

[ Special Credits to SnowlandSinX ]

Okay it all started when i was so introduced by my nephew about VendettaRO. as a gamer, yes i would love to try out private servers of RO as i was a loyal fans of RO, dang! so, yeah, i knew a number of friends overseas (yeah, we all came from diff countries n this rocks!)

So, after a while, we've been through quite some time and a number of things, the GM (game master) decided to restart this whole new server with a new name, new rate, new stuffs. Since this server is gonna get wipe (deleted), we submitted a number of screenshots (pictures taken inside the game) to one of our friend here, Snowland :D

And billions n zillions of thanks to him for making this video, so everyone can have a sweet memory in vRO, ahh and snow, remember to upload the video clip in rapidshare so we can download it and keep it nicely yayyy. it's super sweet of you to make this video clip and everyone's so glad about it heh!!

and lastly, VRO ROCKS! i love mua babe yakz, my friendssss, my nasty nephew goatee, ahh n even da 2 evil gms, Para n Hokage yaw! i'll see you guys in da new server muahhssss!

Sunday, November 26, 2006









[ 对你有感觉 - 光良,江美琪 ]


Saturday, November 25, 2006


i suddenly have this urge to hate something, someone. i have no idea lol. it really annoys me and i actually doesnt wanna feel that way. dang! everyone have limits, and i have too! hmmm.. save me someone T-T i need strawberry shortcake! (i'mma hinting to nikiee hun *whistles*)

i hate, but i hate hating someone though :(( it feels so bad. but people just seems to ignore about how you'll feel eh? damn inconsiderate peoples. wanted to shout " GET THE HELL LOST" or even "SHUT THE BLOODY FUCK UP" but i just cant do lol. okay, maybe i'm too soft-hearted lmao xD

ahh dang. i just dont know what to do. i hope everything would be better after i go back to my hometown and get me 1 month rest lol. and then i'll plan to go to islands, yes islands! i bloody lurveeee da beauuutifulll sea and sand, i bloody lurveee to snorkle and look at fishes <3>

oh well, what to do? i cant even spend my new year eve with him, dang! because when i get back here, it would be January 2007 wOOt!! omfgbbqwtf. ahh i think i'll stop here in case i'll lose control xD muahhh to everyone <3

Friday, November 24, 2006



有一股冲动想打华语字, 可能是太久没写华语字的理由吧。

有点模糊, 有点甜甜的, 又有一点苦苦的, 隐隐约约又可以感觉到危险性的存在。。。

你的苦, 你的伤,
你的血, 你的泪,
当你痛在身心上, 我也深深感受到。
认真的, 我好想代替你, 帮你忘了这一切。
也可能, 我们不会因此而相识, 也不会把俩人之间的距离拉近,
因了解你的一切, 更可以明白我对爱的肤浅。
我明白了, 如何去珍惜一个像你的人,
如何在跌倒后, 勇敢的抛开过去,

我也想你知道, 当你回头望我一眼的时候,

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Yes i'm not updating my blog for quite some time, so i finally have time to sit down, and think what i really wanna blog about :P

i had my last lesson for this term on friday, and it was pretty good. dang! i was so exhausted for everything, the continuous 2 days of rushing building projects and stuffs (how can they stack 2 tiring classes together? pifs.) but however i got through it :D

about night time. it was freaker Roy's birthday. yeah, as a kakilang member of them (me, mogu, hix, crazy n him) for sure i have to be there. LOL and he actually ditched all of us on thursday night (the exact birthday date) just because of a girl! RAWR! yeah, and we did 'shoot' him for that :P ahh so however, me and babey went over to SS15 to meet them up and babey (the usual thing he'll do) went to Autosurf to played his 'darling' WoW. yeah i'm already immuned to that LOL. so we 5 people, plus acojai and sieghung actually sat down at pizza hut to eat. oh well, i'm not eating because i've already eaten, so i'll just sit down and join the chat.

after that, acojai told us that he actually bought a cake for Roy. we're kinda suprised but yeah, we went to mamak and let him blow the candles xD ahem, we did not sing any birthday songs because it would be really humiliating and we dont have thick face xD so, we just let him make his wish and blow the freaking candles >:D

oh yeah! i forgot to mentioned that we've met some of Odin Cathedral members in front of Autosurf (we went there because we wanted to find mua babey) and yeah, i saw that aunty LMAO xD (yeah some people may know who am i talking about) *whistles* but who cares xD
so we continue chat and 'blow water' at mamak LOL, reached home like about 1am+ but that's kinda normal for me though, yamchar sessions are always that freaking long -_-

hmmm. the next morning i had to get up like freaking early. yes, because imma going to mua dear's birthday. (ahh there's uncountable birthdays coming up..LOL n imma going to go broke)
yeah, we went to One Utama's Neway and we actually sang for like, 4 and a half hour. woah that was tiring and we were all napping in the shutter on our way back LOL. ahh but before that i brought dear Sharon to my favourite cake shop Bakerzin to try out our (me and nik's) favourite Strawberry Shortcake. hah! that should spark up the whole day's activity :P everyone said the cream was good and i was so freaking happy to hear that everyone actually love it!

back at home, i was really really exhausted and i couldn't even get up and take my bath (hey! but at last i did take my bath >:P) LOL but then after i had my bath, i was awake again -_- LOL thats the problem why i sleep late everyday hah? so i went to play my games and then, out of a sudden, my stupid cousin asked me if i wanted to go out and have supper with him at Ming Tien. LMAO?! its already 1am+ and he asked me that, ahh but i was hungry so we went to have our supper there LOL. when we reach home, its already almost 2am. and heck, where da hell elvina went to? so late still haven come home hah! (LOL actually i was missing her already :P) by the time she reached home, she was all drunk and i wonder why. luckily the boyfriend was beside her taking care of her while she was outside drinking with friends. but hell i wouldn't know that someone would actually get drunk at Halo cafe? o.O" woah that was really suprising. oh well, she went vomitting and stuffs and went to sleep dead. -_- really no eye see lol.

ahhh and this morning, my bro actually woke me up like, EARLY! (i slept at almost 4am last night!) and he woke me up at around 9am. dang! crazy guy LOL. he brought me to have dimsums lol and we were freaking full. but then, i slept again like, an hour after i reached home :D yeah so i'm now back again! but game server is down :( dang. thats why i'm blogging! xD

guess i have a long post today. will update if i have to mood again :P

Thursday, November 02, 2006


finally finished our culture project and yeah, hip hip hurray!! xD but we still have time to add in more stuffs, i think. :P

tomorrow night will be going for candle light dinner with my babey <3>

without knowing the time passes that fast, i'm together with him for 2 years time. it's my longest relationship i've ever been into and i surely 200% appreciate what he have did for me, and i truly enjoyed the time i had been with him. still that lovey dovey since day 1, never change the love for him. no regret knowing him at first and never regret getting together with him for this long. somehow i never love someone for this long and it's a lil bit unbelievable for myself :P

hope to continue our love no matter how long it's gonna be. aww i love him so much <3>=D