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Thursday, October 05, 2006


it's been quite some time i havent been updating mua blog. all in a sudden i've nothing to do so - here goes the click to my bookmarked favs from my menu bar, and wah-laa!

woah~ the tagbox has been flooded by some brainless attention seeker though xD
well, i visits forum like RO's and so, and had quite a number of friends in there. but there's this attention seeker who seems like doesn't get anyone's attention - DYING to get some attention here xD tsk tsk.. how pathetic :((

what i wanna say is, you don't get my attention here - so if u plan to ruin my blog =) i mean, you can't ruin mine :(( it's just a tagbox boy, so chill with it kays? if you're DYING to get the attentions in the forums, probably you can just take a naked photo of yourself and then post it into the forum :)) i bet you'll be a superstar in just one night ^^ a very friendly advise :))

nah, stop wasting your time bugger, tagbox can be deleted and created again and again :) and i don't mind wasting my time for my blog ^^ get your attention in a better way puh-lees :( scolding vulgarities ain't gonna bring you further :(( good luck in getting your attentions, pathetic attention seeker =3


nikiee said...

im with you!
screw the attention seeker,
your words are as pathetic as you.
and my lovely super duper awesome friend here has no time to well, layan all your craps.

Catty said...

haha he's jz being pathetic as he has gain no attention from other ppl :(( awww how sad..