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Friday, October 13, 2006


ahh had started playing a new RO private server few days ago, playing with my nephew teck and we're rock and rolling. =P haven't been updating my blog as i've been feeling slacky these few days :(( don't question me as i have no idea.

i'm lost lately, i wonder why. having blur updated blogs @.@" grrr i hate life like that. :(( someone gonna help me out?

people puasa i also puasa, not been eating regularly for these few days, 1 meal a day too :((

someone, HELP ME!


nikiee said...

aww baby are you okieee?

u need a dose of strawberry shortcake! :D

Catty said...

i dont think i'm okay :( seriously i need something to boost me up :(( i miss u hun T-T

Sharon@Yan said...

come to my place
i will cook u my speciality - spaghetti~
i guarantee u will find ur goals n everything will back to normal
cos my spaghetti RAWKS man!

(just kidding)

take care my dear..

Catty said...

w00t!! i wanna eat spaghetti!! heh~ when r u free my dear? i wanna go eat eat!! bwahahaaha <3

Sharon@Yan said...

haha my dear
im not so free recently eh
assignment + exam coming soon
i can feel the pressure blocking my way to enjoyable moments

after exam lar, i got 10 days before i go back to kk =)

Catty said...

omg~ u hv such long holidays~~ wen is ur holidays? remember to take care n ganbatte during exam time hor~~ <3

study hard yea dear~ muackx muackx~~