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Monday, October 30, 2006


it's pretty late right now and i'm still digging into my projects. felt boring so came and blog a while heh! well, went to Zen for dinner and ate like really full with my babey, how he understands me <3 *love*

argh..holidays ends and here comes hardcore college life again. awww i miss my holidays a whole lot! but wait! hmm i think i'm going to gain weight if i keep on staying at home doing the same whole thing everyday :P i mean like, EVERYDAY xD

sleep > game > forum > msn > eat > assigns > daydreaming > game > assigns > sleep > eat > sleep =X opps i've been sleeping too much and gaming too much as well *teehee* not forgetting to eat (but maybe one meal per day sometimes *blinks*)

and to the one out there (you'll know who if you reads my blog)
take good care of yourself and you know we worries about you. and yeah, stop caging yourself, time is given to you but there's a limit for you to treat yourself like that. it's so sad and heart breaking to see you like that everyday, do love yourself more and treat yourself much more better. sometimes, life ain't all about those only. time to wake up and get on with your life :)) we'll be still there if you need us <3

ahh should stop my complain stuffs and get going. OMG it's MONDAY tomorrow!! I HATE MONDAY! how i wish there's no monday HEH :P

Thursday, October 26, 2006

sobs T-T

seems like everyone is back from Deepa-Raya holidays while i'm still not back yet. still having my holidays because our college have this 'exploration-week system' and we get to have one week holidays every semester, ain't them good? <3>

okays, well, while everyone seems to enjoy their holidays with indian and malay food, i enjoyed mine with assignments and games. dammit. still going on with my projects and stuffs. been really bored at home, and broke. my housemate did ajak me go for ice-skating and eat japanese fuud!! but, sadly - I'M FRIGGIN BROKE!! argh!! T-T that's a sad sad holiday *sighs*

oh well, have to go on with my work :(( blast myself with songs!! rawr~

Sunday, October 15, 2006


this is the first concert performed by FunTwo, and seriously, he rocks! a nice performance to share with all the people <3 *loves*

Friday, October 13, 2006


ahh had started playing a new RO private server few days ago, playing with my nephew teck and we're rock and rolling. =P haven't been updating my blog as i've been feeling slacky these few days :(( don't question me as i have no idea.

i'm lost lately, i wonder why. having blur updated blogs @.@" grrr i hate life like that. :(( someone gonna help me out?

people puasa i also puasa, not been eating regularly for these few days, 1 meal a day too :((

someone, HELP ME!

Monday, October 09, 2006


i have no idea why would you like to make yourself a saddist, i have no idea why do you like to hurt yourself that badly, while people can just ignore you like that. i'd tried my best to advise you and to help you, but you just seems so stubborn - without helping yourself up. why won't you just accept the truth and the facts that is just right in front of you? i'm not symphatizing you, not comforting you, but just wanna let you know what is rational.

i'm worried. how can a person be that blind in love?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


this is pretty weird. i'm having this magical feeling since few days ago. and i heck knows what is going to happen to me. it's just so, kinda confuse and a bit of curious, unsure and falling onto something.

i think i'm pretty weird these few days. don't mind me. T-T

Friday, October 06, 2006

i tawt i taw a moon!

Happie Mooncake Festival to people out there! enjoy your mooncakes and lanterns tonight *ebil grins*

ahh gonna join my RO guild mates for this year's mooncake festival though =P and not forgetting lanterns! *wOOt!* back to yester-years~

okays, gonna ciaoz! enjoy tonight everyone =3

Thursday, October 05, 2006


it's been quite some time i havent been updating mua blog. all in a sudden i've nothing to do so - here goes the click to my bookmarked favs from my menu bar, and wah-laa!

woah~ the tagbox has been flooded by some brainless attention seeker though xD
well, i visits forum like RO's and so, and had quite a number of friends in there. but there's this attention seeker who seems like doesn't get anyone's attention - DYING to get some attention here xD tsk tsk.. how pathetic :((

what i wanna say is, you don't get my attention here - so if u plan to ruin my blog =) i mean, you can't ruin mine :(( it's just a tagbox boy, so chill with it kays? if you're DYING to get the attentions in the forums, probably you can just take a naked photo of yourself and then post it into the forum :)) i bet you'll be a superstar in just one night ^^ a very friendly advise :))

nah, stop wasting your time bugger, tagbox can be deleted and created again and again :) and i don't mind wasting my time for my blog ^^ get your attention in a better way puh-lees :( scolding vulgarities ain't gonna bring you further :(( good luck in getting your attentions, pathetic attention seeker =3