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Sunday, September 03, 2006


ish! it's college day tomorrow! omg i haven't even finish any figures >_<>

well, early morning, baby came after finish working at CityTime. lolx he had been knocking on my door for quite a time, when i finally get up from my dream. at first i thought that i was still in my dreams, but then, NO, haha..piggy me.

lol he had a suprise for me, and that is, a new handphone! OMG i'm so happy =P he finally get me a new phone. as i have 2 phone lines, celcom and digi, celcom is given by my dad - and he pays for the bills. while digi is on my own, where this phone is specially for my baby, hey! friends and family really cheap mah! rm0.01 per sms, omg i have rm10 in my phone and i can sms non stop! rawr~

haha back to topic, the phone he gave me is Sony Ericson model z300i. here's the overview.

front view.

the inside part view.

the back view.

well, its bluish. i wonder why did he get me a blue one instead of red or beige. but blue, not bad also lah! =P too bad it's a 2nd-hand handphone. well i don't really mind as long as i can change my nokia 8310.

for more informations about this phone, go to;amp;ver=4000&template=pp1_loader&php=php1_10351&zone=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10351

ahh! not forgetting to say about last night. my bro went totally obsessed about papaya. and eventually, he forced me to eat a whole big piece of it. he's nuts! help!! omg he acts like my dad now! (my dad loves papaya >_<")

see?! comparing to the spoon. its big larh! my spoon is a table spoon some more my spoon is big one. gila lah!!

ish don't wanna see and eat papaya anymore lolx! phobia already.

a nice comic book recommended by mua. nice and the characters are drawn beautifully. love the techniques of the artist on how he/she draw the expressions of the people. love love. actually it's already episode 6 but i'm just showing the old one, probably episode 7 already come out, hmm i think i have to update myself at the bookstores. =P i'm a comic book fans. me and my sis owns 2 big bookshelves of comic books, we have collections of 鬼眼狂刀,天上天下,魔法老师,Chobits, Naruto, Get backers, City hunter, Angel heart and a whole lot more. my sis collects the longer episodes one while i collect the shorter one. ahh maybe someday we can auction the collections is a dearly price =P i mean when they don't produce anymore of these kind of comics *ebil grins*

oh well, perhaps i should continue on my figures instead of crapping here a lot. blog soon. adios`~


Anonymous said...

WAKAKAKAKAKAAKAAA..... New hp?? not bad whatttt.. :p
Hmm, it seems like u and me have something in common lerrr...
Popstar by Ken hirai..
3月9日 from one litre of tears...
i'm loving both these songs.. hoho
if ppl said ur not my sis, who would believe that... hahaaaa
and another thing, u dun hav to waste $$ buy comics, instead go online and read larr.. hehe.. i got website, access to almost all comics... lalalalala... UNLESS, u wanna keep them as collections larr... hehe.... i think i better end here.. later someone gonna complain ada org "cheong hei" betul.. till here~ from ur f*kin beloved pal, Khai zai~~ (as in ur "ji mui's" hubby~~" :p

Catty said...

kakakaka baka khai =P yealorh, me and my sis buy all those for collections ma..lazy wanna go online to watch lolx!

both of tat Japan song damn nice wei~ keke some more got 'only human' by K~ oso bery bery nice xD gg!