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Sunday, September 03, 2006


what the hell happened to blogger? was having a real good mood to update my blog and upload loads of pictures but end up getting screwed by =_="

was updating my blog, happily uploading the photos - in the mean time happily chatting with nik through msn, when blogger suddenly screw up by not letting me uploading my photos! i was like, what the fuck?!

okays i ain't gonna type happy things in my blog tonight. i'm seriously pissed -_-

and chee seng! you're gonna die on tuesday if you're ain't gonna come on monday! (well, he's certainly not gonna see this, except nik goes and tell him! *please do so nik..i'm begging you. hah!*)

stupid. i'm not gonna be in the same class with nik and mas. but with chee seng. luckily i still have him to make me laugh everyday =P he's such a joker in 'certain' ways LOL.

please download 3月9日 by レミオロメン . a very nice japanese song which is used to be a background music of a 'based-on-true-story' japan drama titled "One Litre of Tears" , a very touching and sad story. well, yon hui introduced me this song and i found it real nice. try listening to it and you'll agree with me.

not forgetting the famous singer now in japan, 平井坚 aka Ken Hirai famous song POP STAR. gosh i'm totally obsessed with this song. i wonder why it's so nice, try downloading the MV too. it's funny and nice. *thumbs up* for this song.