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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


seriously the topic doesn't suits what i'm gonna say next. recently i've been thinking about what i had been doing. hmm, trying to think a lot and i don't know what i'm actually doing, kinda lost.

a little bit facts about me,
i love:

- bakerzin. yes deeply love for strawberry shortcake.

- dresses and laces. i have no idea why i love it so much, and i just love.

- cats. my chinese zodaic is dragon, and i wonder why i would love the tiger family so much.

- purple, pink, black, white, blue, yellow, green and all sorts of colours. it's just interesting.

- my baby, my mum, my dad, my sis, my bro and people around me. even though i'm naughty at times, but i still love them. love love.

- butterflies. they're forever beautiful, gorgeous and elegant.

- playing the stupid computer although it may be boring at times. forum, msn, blogs, games, songs, i just can't live without my computer.

- my handphone. i can't stand it without touching and seeing it for just one day.

- songs. especially sentimental ones. old songs like Take That, N'sync, Mariah, Michael J, are friggin nice. not able to list out all the fav songs i have in my comp.

- japanese food. love til i'm insane. salmon is my priority and others are love love.

- my religion. glad to have a religion to teach me in life.

- nail arts. i love painting my nails but too bad i have not enough time for it. sad =(

- salad from coffee bean. it's like the best salad i have in my life.

- make myself look decent and pretty. i'll feel more happy that way =P (there are times that i'm soooooo lazy to care my attire. xD)

- seriously there are still a lot of things that i love, but i'm so not able to list it out.

facts about-
i hate:

- hate stereotyping. don't give me that bloody eye that looks down on people.

- cockroaches, rats, bugs, mosquitoes, flies, disturbing bugs and insects.

- to be far away from my baby and people i love.

- to be controlled too much.

- to wake up early when i have my sleep late.

- suffocated 'space'.

- noise. clubs and pubs are a NO NO for me. =)

- cigarette/cigar smoke. shut up! the smoke stinks. yes i'm being mean. =)

- ginger. i have no idea how much i hate the taste.

- pepper. same as ginger. i love chilli but not pepper =(

- hackers, scammers in virtual or real life. i haven't been hack before but i know how it feels.

- people who try to be smart in front of me. don't mess with me or you'll get it =)

- people who carries this 'yellow' stuff and 'dirty' stuff around their mouth.

- people who are cruel to people and ANIMALS. say no to people who abuses animals. >=(

- my handphone running out of credit.

- getting broke. this is when i start getting insane, and start shopping crazily. which is what i'm facing now. =( broke. T-T

- expensive and food that taste so badddddddd. URGH don't torture me like that!

- people who is soooooo materialistic. fuck off i should say, fuck off!

- being stabbed from behind (mentally). backstabbers are hate for me. HATE HATE.

- eat meat everyday. hey! i'm not a carnivor!!

- massive nudges from annoying people. nudge me once or twice, not thousand times mind you. do not abuse the nudge button!

- immature people who whines and bitches like a 3 year old kid, when he/she is actually 12 year old and above.

- bad and sad things. i hate but still have to accept the fact.

okays i think enough crapping for today. i'm totally bored. so bored. figures sucks. and i think i'm not gonna pass it up tomorrow. argh! fed up. sleep time for me o.O" it's just 11:45p.m. HELP!