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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

12:51 a.m.

oh yeah, i'm still awake. doing researches on tomorrow's class's assignment - cultural thingy which we have to say out "why we hate Malaysia?". and then you have to state out the reasons behind why, and factors that leads to the problem and so so. well i'm half way done, but i wrote a whole lot of things that i think our lecturer Vanee would go sleepy. LOL, but what i'm stating out is a fact that happens in the society nowadays.

ish! nik saw this very cute guy in his class named *ahem* (we both know) and me and mas kinda agree. i mean, she's single. okay. go for it hun! LOL =P i'm not available, so, fine. xP neither mas is LMAO. (eh nik, you should be happy cause you get to see him like, almost everyday! hah!) OMG she had a crush =X shh nik i'm not telling anyone but just everyone =P

sheesh i have to wake up early again tomorrow, but my timetable is a bit funny though. we're just having this 1 hour class tomorrow and thats it!

MSN is stupid fucked up and i heck knows what is going on with it. my whole house is not able to get their MSN online, so either my game mates, forum mates. most of them are having the same headache problem with me though =) luckily i'm not alone heh!

and oh yeah~ i met a secondary school friend of mine today. well, he's older than me like 1 year, but he just started his course like this month. glad to see him here though =P

ah, i think i'd better keep going. blog again soon. adios`!