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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jolin 蔡依琳's 野蛮游戏 Chinese lyrics misheard as English lyrics

LOL. credits for baka soulx for sharing this video. It's funny though =P misheard every chinese words into english xD

pity Jolin =P

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

12:51 a.m.

oh yeah, i'm still awake. doing researches on tomorrow's class's assignment - cultural thingy which we have to say out "why we hate Malaysia?". and then you have to state out the reasons behind why, and factors that leads to the problem and so so. well i'm half way done, but i wrote a whole lot of things that i think our lecturer Vanee would go sleepy. LOL, but what i'm stating out is a fact that happens in the society nowadays.

ish! nik saw this very cute guy in his class named *ahem* (we both know) and me and mas kinda agree. i mean, she's single. okay. go for it hun! LOL =P i'm not available, so, fine. xP neither mas is LMAO. (eh nik, you should be happy cause you get to see him like, almost everyday! hah!) OMG she had a crush =X shh nik i'm not telling anyone but just everyone =P

sheesh i have to wake up early again tomorrow, but my timetable is a bit funny though. we're just having this 1 hour class tomorrow and thats it!

MSN is stupid fucked up and i heck knows what is going on with it. my whole house is not able to get their MSN online, so either my game mates, forum mates. most of them are having the same headache problem with me though =) luckily i'm not alone heh!

and oh yeah~ i met a secondary school friend of mine today. well, he's older than me like 1 year, but he just started his course like this month. glad to see him here though =P

ah, i think i'd better keep going. blog again soon. adios`!

Monday, September 11, 2006


went to the newly opened Saisaki at Wisma UOA last night (considered as yesterday since it's 1:52 a.m. now), ate a whole lot of sashimi - especially salmon ones. had a really great dinner, but elvina turned out to be a bit uncomfortable T-T *sob*

so i went sleepless, sms-ing my babey but still got really bored. nothing to do in my room as elvina is resting for her sickness, then went around the house like stupid, sit infront of the computer like dumb. argh! i'm bored.

tomorrow class starts at 10 and i'm still awake at this time -_- how sad of me.

lolx roy phoned me today and we were like crazy people over the phone.

roy: oiii soherm come to Summit together and watch the ROC lei! alot lenglui larh diu!

catty: .... deng! i go there see lenglui for fuck ar?!

seriously roy, i'm not bisexual or homosexual. so, die please =X

okays, i'm bored. i'll continue find something else to do. sad me =(

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


seriously the topic doesn't suits what i'm gonna say next. recently i've been thinking about what i had been doing. hmm, trying to think a lot and i don't know what i'm actually doing, kinda lost.

a little bit facts about me,
i love:

- bakerzin. yes deeply love for strawberry shortcake.

- dresses and laces. i have no idea why i love it so much, and i just love.

- cats. my chinese zodaic is dragon, and i wonder why i would love the tiger family so much.

- purple, pink, black, white, blue, yellow, green and all sorts of colours. it's just interesting.

- my baby, my mum, my dad, my sis, my bro and people around me. even though i'm naughty at times, but i still love them. love love.

- butterflies. they're forever beautiful, gorgeous and elegant.

- playing the stupid computer although it may be boring at times. forum, msn, blogs, games, songs, i just can't live without my computer.

- my handphone. i can't stand it without touching and seeing it for just one day.

- songs. especially sentimental ones. old songs like Take That, N'sync, Mariah, Michael J, are friggin nice. not able to list out all the fav songs i have in my comp.

- japanese food. love til i'm insane. salmon is my priority and others are love love.

- my religion. glad to have a religion to teach me in life.

- nail arts. i love painting my nails but too bad i have not enough time for it. sad =(

- salad from coffee bean. it's like the best salad i have in my life.

- make myself look decent and pretty. i'll feel more happy that way =P (there are times that i'm soooooo lazy to care my attire. xD)

- seriously there are still a lot of things that i love, but i'm so not able to list it out.

facts about-
i hate:

- hate stereotyping. don't give me that bloody eye that looks down on people.

- cockroaches, rats, bugs, mosquitoes, flies, disturbing bugs and insects.

- to be far away from my baby and people i love.

- to be controlled too much.

- to wake up early when i have my sleep late.

- suffocated 'space'.

- noise. clubs and pubs are a NO NO for me. =)

- cigarette/cigar smoke. shut up! the smoke stinks. yes i'm being mean. =)

- ginger. i have no idea how much i hate the taste.

- pepper. same as ginger. i love chilli but not pepper =(

- hackers, scammers in virtual or real life. i haven't been hack before but i know how it feels.

- people who try to be smart in front of me. don't mess with me or you'll get it =)

- people who carries this 'yellow' stuff and 'dirty' stuff around their mouth.

- people who are cruel to people and ANIMALS. say no to people who abuses animals. >=(

- my handphone running out of credit.

- getting broke. this is when i start getting insane, and start shopping crazily. which is what i'm facing now. =( broke. T-T

- expensive and food that taste so badddddddd. URGH don't torture me like that!

- people who is soooooo materialistic. fuck off i should say, fuck off!

- being stabbed from behind (mentally). backstabbers are hate for me. HATE HATE.

- eat meat everyday. hey! i'm not a carnivor!!

- massive nudges from annoying people. nudge me once or twice, not thousand times mind you. do not abuse the nudge button!

- immature people who whines and bitches like a 3 year old kid, when he/she is actually 12 year old and above.

- bad and sad things. i hate but still have to accept the fact.

okays i think enough crapping for today. i'm totally bored. so bored. figures sucks. and i think i'm not gonna pass it up tomorrow. argh! fed up. sleep time for me o.O" it's just 11:45p.m. HELP!


was chatting with a someone today in the msn. at first he said that he was not in the mood, well, being nice, i asked him why as to comfort him regarding his matter. but when he told me that he was pissed off, because his sister was getting married and moving in with the husband which stays quite far from him. he said he was sad and would be lonely if his sister leaves him alone - staying far away from him with the husband. he said he was angry with the future brother-in-law.

he's 20+ this year. and i have no idea what is his brain thinks. i mean, how could you get angry with you future brother-in-law, when your sis is going to depend on him for the rest of her life, and it should be a very happy news for the family members, that she's gonna get married, finally found her love of life, and decided to stay forever with him. seriously, i told him about the problem of his thinking, i just can't stand people being so selfish, just seeing and putting himself in the center while not letting anyone have any chance to enjoy the happiness of their life. he's being stubborn, i tried to tell him that his thinking is wrong, but it turns out to have him saying - he doesn't wanna think about the matter anymore.

okays, fine. i stop talking about the matter. i calmed myself down, telling myself not to get pissed off and angry over people that have thinkings like that. (yes i certainly understand how precious is his sister to him, as he has only one sister. but come to think of, the person you love is happy, shouldn't you be happy for him/her too?)

okays, now he's starting to talk about himself. he planned and said that he wanna get a wife whom is beautiful, thin in the future. this is still okay for me, but what he said next really pissed me off. he said that people who are fat, are actually MONSTERS. i was like, what the fuck?! and again, i can't resist him having thinking like that, as fat people also have their own pride, they were born by parents, they're not hatched by stones, i mean, they are still a human being! oh shit i think i have never been this pissed off before since early of this year, i mean, HOW CAN PEOPLE BE THAT STEREOTYPING AND DISCRIMINATING? this is such a wrong wrong thinking. and he starts saying that the girlfriends he had before are bad, saying that they're not pretty enough, not thin enough, say that some are monsters.. i believe that being fat is not a wrong doing, not a crime either. seriously i'm sad for him, having such a stubborn thinking.

life can be so beautiful, but yet people tends to make it so pityful and dull. yet i pity people who get discriminations from other people, but we are who we are, we can't control what people are thinking, but people who discrimates and look down on people just because they doesn't look as beautiful as you, are wrong in their thinking. i seriously hate people who discriminates people just because of their outlook, i prefer people who has good personalities, than just having a friggin nice outlook, but inner part of them are rotten.

and seriously, i heck gonna chat with that guy anymore. i am so pissed with what he said. darn he just made my day bad. stubborn people who doesn't change their bloody thinking, thinks that they're always right and heck cares about how people feel. selfish and immature i should say. URGH! gonna get my sleep or else i'll be having such a bad bad mood to continue do my things.

Monday, September 04, 2006


just came home from college and stuffs, when i login to mua daily forum, didn't expect such a sad thing would be posted up.

"The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin passed away."
- the cause is, he got stung by a stingray barb while he was diving, filming a nature documentary.

for more articles about it, go to,23599,20349888-2,00.html

Steve Irwin, 1962-2006. aged 44. such a young man, who has 2 kids and a lovely wife..
as a fans of his show, i'll certainly miss all the shows that he filmed, and remember how he brought the adverture to us through his shows. showing how amazing wildlife could be, how wild can the wildlife could be. although he met sorts of hardship in his life, but he strongly faces the challenge and overcome it. he'll be in all his fans hearts forever. may he Rest in Peace.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


ish! it's college day tomorrow! omg i haven't even finish any figures >_<>

well, early morning, baby came after finish working at CityTime. lolx he had been knocking on my door for quite a time, when i finally get up from my dream. at first i thought that i was still in my dreams, but then, NO, haha..piggy me.

lol he had a suprise for me, and that is, a new handphone! OMG i'm so happy =P he finally get me a new phone. as i have 2 phone lines, celcom and digi, celcom is given by my dad - and he pays for the bills. while digi is on my own, where this phone is specially for my baby, hey! friends and family really cheap mah! rm0.01 per sms, omg i have rm10 in my phone and i can sms non stop! rawr~

haha back to topic, the phone he gave me is Sony Ericson model z300i. here's the overview.

front view.

the inside part view.

the back view.

well, its bluish. i wonder why did he get me a blue one instead of red or beige. but blue, not bad also lah! =P too bad it's a 2nd-hand handphone. well i don't really mind as long as i can change my nokia 8310.

for more informations about this phone, go to;amp;ver=4000&template=pp1_loader&php=php1_10351&zone=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10351

ahh! not forgetting to say about last night. my bro went totally obsessed about papaya. and eventually, he forced me to eat a whole big piece of it. he's nuts! help!! omg he acts like my dad now! (my dad loves papaya >_<")

see?! comparing to the spoon. its big larh! my spoon is a table spoon some more my spoon is big one. gila lah!!

ish don't wanna see and eat papaya anymore lolx! phobia already.

a nice comic book recommended by mua. nice and the characters are drawn beautifully. love the techniques of the artist on how he/she draw the expressions of the people. love love. actually it's already episode 6 but i'm just showing the old one, probably episode 7 already come out, hmm i think i have to update myself at the bookstores. =P i'm a comic book fans. me and my sis owns 2 big bookshelves of comic books, we have collections of 鬼眼狂刀,天上天下,魔法老师,Chobits, Naruto, Get backers, City hunter, Angel heart and a whole lot more. my sis collects the longer episodes one while i collect the shorter one. ahh maybe someday we can auction the collections is a dearly price =P i mean when they don't produce anymore of these kind of comics *ebil grins*

oh well, perhaps i should continue on my figures instead of crapping here a lot. blog soon. adios`~


what the hell happened to blogger? was having a real good mood to update my blog and upload loads of pictures but end up getting screwed by =_="

was updating my blog, happily uploading the photos - in the mean time happily chatting with nik through msn, when blogger suddenly screw up by not letting me uploading my photos! i was like, what the fuck?!

okays i ain't gonna type happy things in my blog tonight. i'm seriously pissed -_-

and chee seng! you're gonna die on tuesday if you're ain't gonna come on monday! (well, he's certainly not gonna see this, except nik goes and tell him! *please do so nik..i'm begging you. hah!*)

stupid. i'm not gonna be in the same class with nik and mas. but with chee seng. luckily i still have him to make me laugh everyday =P he's such a joker in 'certain' ways LOL.

please download 3月9日 by レミオロメン . a very nice japanese song which is used to be a background music of a 'based-on-true-story' japan drama titled "One Litre of Tears" , a very touching and sad story. well, yon hui introduced me this song and i found it real nice. try listening to it and you'll agree with me.

not forgetting the famous singer now in japan, 平井坚 aka Ken Hirai famous song POP STAR. gosh i'm totally obsessed with this song. i wonder why it's so nice, try downloading the MV too. it's funny and nice. *thumbs up* for this song.