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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a day!

Ahhh! I finally finish my product and character design, and presented it to the lecturer today. The next thing I have to do is probably, organize a farewell party for my class and our favourite funny lecturer I-ching. Sad to know that, she may not be lecturing in TOA next term anymore. Well, she said MAYBE, we don't know what's her final decision. Sad to have such a good lecturer going off though, sighs.

Urgh! I'd better stop talking about sad things. Lately I have been depressed enough, duh! With tons of presentations and projects going on, I nearly died of "suffocation"- mentally I should say. My term break is 2 weeks from now, so I'm still standing up just because I want my holidays! rawr~ gimme mua holidays Tatsun! *giggles*

and yea, the presentation went on well today. mine was a bit boring though, well, what can you say more about a spider-bunny book end? LOL. ahh I think i'll upload the photos as soon as I get it from shingyi. still having a few assignments to go, my figure drawings, fine art, letter and calligraphy's final review and the actual thing, history of art's 2d pop art..bla bla bla~ whoa! that's a whole lot more. guess I can't blog too long..I'd better keep going on my figures first. but guess what? our class is going to sunway lagoon this wednesday for our figure class! yay! field trip! and we'll have to draw tourists in all sorts of posts..I'll doubt that Leo will be late on that day, he's famous for coming late for 1 hr to class and then letting u go back late. darn I just don't like him!

today's a friggin tired day. slept 3 hours last night, and came home to sleep for few more hours perhaps? just had my dinner+supper with my friend just now at Kimgary though..10pm+ only have my dinner, sad. guess I'm so awake now after my bath and dinner, I'll probably rush my figures larh! in case I cannot finish it again~ I don't want to fail my figures! rawr~ blog soon, adios`!