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Friday, August 11, 2006


argh! my windows live messenger had been down for the whole day, and now I finally can get to connect it back. damn pissed off by it and I don't even know what the heck happened to it.

ah well, had my last design workshop 2 lesson today, as the next week, we don't have to attend Michael's class anymore. feeling a bit sad, as he's one of the good lecturer among other so-so lecturers. I-ching for sure is the best, 2nd is Michael, 3rd would be Irene, Hoo and Jun Mei are good too, li sim who's teaching us the history of art for 2 terms - 100% sure that she's a good lecturer, who explains and teaches us everything she knows. but I only have a whole lot bad impression on Leo, who taught us Figure drawings. he's like the worst lecturer I ever met in these 2 terms. even CK who taught us figures was way more better than him. he not only come to class late for like, 1 hour, or 1 and a half hour, and then he tries to stuck everything into our brain and without letting us go for our water or toilet break. not even that, he even sucked in explaining all the things that we wants to teach. at this moment, he'll be explaining this certain part, and then he'll change topic to another part of thing, which is totally unlinked to the part that he mentioned before. who would understand what he says then? o.O"! ah whatever larh. I hardly improve like how I did during the 1st term in figure drawings though, and yea, thanks to Leo.

so, today was quite a relaxing day though. come home, finally got some time to open my Maple account to take a peek at my lovely character, and then I can take my time and sleep well..lolx. I still have some time to do my assigns for tomorrow's drawing class. Then, baka gui sms-ed me, asking me want to go out to have dinner or not. since I was quite free, that time I was almost done with my work already, so I asked him to wait for me =P haha we went to ss2's 记得食 to have our dinner. I had my favourite 芒果捞 and 糯米鸡 while gui had fried dumplings and 纸包鸡. lolx at last gui decided to spend me on don't know what reason, probably he's in blardy good mood =P haha I hope he doesn't sees this or he'll strangle me till I die xD

and OMG! it's near term break. although I'm happy that I'm having my holidays soon. but thinking deeper, I'm going separate ways with my friggin lovely classmates soon. sobx sad yea? as we had sticked together and had fun for 2 terms, means 8 months, and the friendship we built up is not easy either. ahh I'm going to miss them whole lots! some more we're not in the same major, hardly can see each other though T-T sobx sobx~ ahh I love CD061-2! all of you rocks!

knowing that it's almost term break, we asked Sabrina to come along to have lunch with us today. and duh, of course the so-called monstarrr yvonne will be following her. can't she just leave her alone, like for once? let her eat something that she wants! you friggin selfish monstar! ahh well, we can ignore her then. we had our lunch at Waffles World, in the end, me and nik got conned by the friggin looks-so-good menu. the chicken chop that nik ordered and the fish and chips that I ordered, SUCKED. its much more expensive than Secret Recipe, and hell! it doesn't taste any better than Secret Recipe's, some more it sucked! the fish was too dry and the chicken chop taste like beek steak. after that, I asked for more of the TarTar sauce which is used to dip in ur fish and chips, in the end, they get me the chilli sauce and mayonnaise. can I conclude them into - retarded? they are working in a food restaurant but yet, they don't know heck about TarTar sauce?! you can even find it in a normal supermarket for God's sake!

what a pissed off day. should say that we were pissed off since yesterday evening when yvonne prank called us. I never expected that she's such a evil hearted girl. sour grape. I just get so angry seeing people like this. I don't mind that she's friggin fat, but I mind her friggin stupid attitude which make people feels so bad. won't she every learn? rawr~

aiks! I guess i'm a bit too long winded on mua blog again. will blog again soon though =P if people don't mind seeing me typing so long xD time for me to go back to mua bed and have a good night sleep =P nights people!