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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


While i was surfing my 'daily forum' ro-g (in case people don't know, it's RagnarokOnline-Guardians forum) xP i found out this, which really gives me a big shock, and wonder why, and HOW people can do this kind of things =_="

18-year old MIT students faces 2 murder counts in Bacoor, Cavite (Philipines)

in case no people know where is Bacoor, Cavite, Philipines. i searched for the map and here's the picture.

For people who know this game, Ragnarok Online, which was a famous game since 2 years ago. (well, it quite started to get famous in Korea and Taiwan as the coutries there are more alert to online games and computer games) as usual, game characters have weapons and equipments to battle and etc. they even have miscellaneous things to somehow enhance the weapon to become stronger and more powerful than the old one, or to enhance equipments so that it can protect more harm from the monsters around the city maps while the players are levelling their game character. so, there are cards - monster cards dropped by various types of monsters, the cards even provide all sorts of special effects and functions if it is equipped by certain weapon or equipments. [it's kinda hard to explain it here if someone hasn't touch any kind of games or online games before, its better to experience it though =P]

so, there are types and different levels, characteristics, attribute, and even spawn rate of monsters in the game. well, there happen to have very rare monsters that their spawn rate are extremely low, which may only spawn 1 of it every hour. and the things or cards or even equipments/weapons may be dropped by the monster. it happen to be, the card that the rare monster named 'Golden Thief Bug' drop a very unique+powerful+special card that the whole global server doesn't really exists a lot. well, for Malaysia, it costs around rm1000-rm2000+ or even MORE than that. =P unbelievable right? although people may think it's silly to buy a GAME card that can be only functioned in the game, totally useless in the real world - but still a lot of 'silly' gamers will buy that using real money.

well, i totally don't know anything about the price in Philipines, of course i only know about Malaysia's one. well, it cost P1.5mil - means Philipines money 1.5mil, convert back to malaysian ringgit, its abt rm100,000. WOAH! godly price eh? rm100,000! add another more rm50,000 and you can actually own a Mini Cooper S series! darn~

greed leads to scamming, hacking in game. but i never know that it'll lead someone to kill. as you know, game = game. it's JUST a game.

i have no idea why people would sacrifice their whole life or by making their hand 'dirty' just for that game card. yes i know it can be sold for rm100,000 or P1.5mil, but still..can't people be reasonable? well, the papers didn't explain the exact reason - why did the murderer killed the victim. but the main cause that leads to the murder is JUST a game card.

sometimes, there are better things in life, instead of games and other virtual things. it's items and things that we can't even touch..yet people fight deadly for it in the real world, even by killing someone. the murderer is just 18 years old this year. sad to say, he may spend his whole life in the jail or maybe the punishment in Philipines is much more lighter.
- Philipine's Death Penalty law.