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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Lolx. Haven't update my blog for a week, and now I think i'm going to blog about last saturday's thingy - short to say, HISTORY. xD

Well, last Saturday, I was boring at home with my boyfriend, so he suggested that we go for window shopping and eat something good. The only thing that came into my mind was - One Utama! lolx, so I suggested we go One Utama and then eat the Vietnamese food there, where they have this very nice type of popiah, rolled with banana and prawn, and not forgetting the lovely mango. I ate these once, and it tasted really really good. I'm a bit missing it though =P But my boyfriend suggested that w
e'll go somewhere near to hang out, as he's a bit lazy to drive that far. Hmmp!! As a spoilt girlfriend =P of course i'll continue bug him till he bring me there - as I really wanted to go there, because Sunway Pyramid is soooo boring! (Hey, I hang out there like, everyday okays? It's like my 2nd home or something xD)

In the end, of course my boyfriend will end up bringing me there though xD he spoil me a lot~ *ebil grins* lolx, so off we go to One Utama, well, it's not that jam up afterall, so we reach there after half an hour of car ride. When I reach there, suddenly I thought of the famous Japanese Buffet restaurant which was once located at Wisma UOA at KL area, Saisaki. AHHH! I remembered that my friend told me it had move to One Utama and the name is..ermx, ermx, Shogun! haha, finally able to recall my memories. Lolx, so once again, I suggested my boyfriend, asking him whether he want to eat japanese food or not. Haha, we both being a japanese food addicted fans, for sure will say YES for it. Some more its cheap compare to Sunway Nagisa's Japanese Buffet or Starhill's Jogoya. *whistles*

So we quickly found a parking, and when into the shopping mall to check out where is the restaurant located at. (This is my first time coming to the new restaurant lerhx, the old Saisaki I had been there for like few times =D) Lolx I remembered that we walk to both of the old and new wing, searching for the restaurant. We looked at the directory, but ended up mistaken the location of it with another shop, haha blind me xD In the end, of course we found the restaurant, if not we'll going to end up hungry and angry+disappointed. LOL.

And it's Saturday, for sure the restaurant will be like, a whole lot of people eating! But the restaurant was really big (compare to the old one, the old one was quite small and a bit squeezy) and I think their buffet choices increased. We were really hungry that time, cause of walking around to find the restaurant, it's quite a good exercise to make yourself more hungry to get a real worth it buffet. *ebil*ebil* Ahh, so my boyfriend ask me to start dig in to the buffet, and the 1st thing I took was SASHIMI! rawr~ sashimi is always my 1st priority =P

And here are some pictures that I took that day, well, I only cared about eating that day, so I didn't manage to take some real good pictures.

This is salmon roe sushi, with a rolled sushi beside and few pieces of salmon sashimi behind. when I was taking the picture, the sashimi and sushi only left these few pieces because the rest was eaten by me and my boyfriend. kakaka~

This is what my boyfriend took for himself, the cooked ones at another side of the served food. Looks delicious heh? *saliva dripping*

Lolx we really enjoyed the food there, and we planned to bring my boyfriend's parents to come and try the food here next time too. As his parents are quite old already, and they had never try once of the Japanese food. How sad heh? So, we're still on our plan though =P see if they can accept new kind of food which are raw (sashimi and sushi). Some more the choice that are available at Shogun is like friggin lot! But the sad thing is they don't have oysters. T-T sobx~ my favourite oysters are only available at Sunway Nagisa's Japanese buffet I think. For Starhill's Jogoya, haven't try it out because it's expensive >_< some more the location is far from me. But will try to find one day, go there and try their famous japanese buffet. kekeke~

Ahh, am really busy these few weeks for my projects and presentations, never get to rest nicely..sobx~ urgh! holidays coming soon, hope to go back to my hometown and have a good rest there, accompanied by my holiday assignments *darn*. Oh well, I think I'll have to stop here. Continue on my assignments again.


nikiee said...

tsk tsk, you and your jap food :p

Catty said...

haha i know i know. i'm obsessed with it my hun. i thought u knew it all along *ebil grins*~