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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ahh, term break is really coming in 1 week time. gosh I think I'll start missing my class and my classmates already. sobx, we'll be majoring next term, so I guess it's time to head to our own way. Browsing through my pictures saved inside my computer, missing all the times we had. lolx we did had a whole lot of fun as I was the active ones and noisiest in class =P

Bringing back all the memories and times we had =P

Last term's Communication Skills 1's class - E1, with Miss Pinky, our best lecturer.

This is E2, we had to divide into two classes for some reasons, I just don't know why. =P

This term's Communication Skills 2's class. They were discussing about something with our lecturer, May-Ann. She's a nice lecturer although she only taught us for 7 weeks.

During Irene's Letter and Calligraphy class~ she's a very gentle lecturer who talks softly even when she's scolding =P you'll feel bad if you bullied her, because she's just too good xD

Caught Sabrina who also came from Sabah sharpening her calligraphy pen during Irene's class =P

Ahh I forgot what shingyi and nik was discussing about though. but I wonder what's mas smirking at *ebil grins*

during Lin's birthday that we celebrated after class.

Our field trip to KLCC =P lolx chin horng looks damn funny. don't know what he's trying to do =P

Guess I'll really miss all the fun we had. CD061-2 rocks! xD