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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Car stolen.

Early this morning, my friend SMS-ed and told me that one of our friend's car was stolen. well, here are the informations, and I hope that if anyone sees this car, please contact the number provided AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


-Copied from Friendster's Bulletin Board-
Topic: Car Stolen.

Early this morning, my friend called me up and said his car is stolen, he parked his car just opposite/accross a road from his terrace house at Taman Sri Gombak, Sel.

His car details is as below:
Producer : Proton
Model : Wira Aeroback
Color : Metalic Green
Plat No. : WJL 1811

Whoever see/found it plz kindly contact the car owner at 012-2580819 (Yao).


My another fren juz told me, his car oso being stolen at PJ.
Model : Toyota Celica
Plat No. : KL 4573 Q
Contact No. : 012-2510316 (Algren)
If possible, plz let your friends know about this too.
Thanks alot!


Above was copied from my Friendster's Bulletin Board. well, seriously, my friend who owned that Proton Wira Aeroback, bought the car at the same time with my boyfriend. now it's stolen already. ahh my boyfriend is trying to help him to search for the car too, but we also know that chances are a bit low. but we'll still try our best to keep on telling people to just pay a bit attention to metallic green proton wira aerobacks. hope everyone is willingly to help that bit. thanks for the help people. appreciate that whole lots. =D