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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Here i am. friggin boring at home late night at 11:24 p.m. doing nothing on the internet line, surfing crap websites like friendster, WAYN or what-so-ever. urgh, RO-G forum is down, and i lost my guild's new forum address, can anyone save me from bored-ness?

sorry sharon darling, didn't turn up last night - that day told you that i would probably call u at 10 something after church for a tea, but end up i reached home at 11 something >_<" sorry my dear i didn't mean to T-T sobx sobx T-T

ahh by the way, me and yon hui and nik are still planning our party time for few of us at yon hui's house. we're gonna rock his house! watch horror movie, eat popcorns or call for domino pizza delivery (this is what we always do =P) yeah, i'm gonna miss yon hui since he's going for illustration while me, nik and mas are going for advertising. sad yeah? yon hui is a great friend there + a good pal + good "sister" xD omg don't whack me for this, yon hui =P

today - still woke up early for nothing and went for dim sum lunch with my mum. ehh KL no nice dim sum can be found (or i haven't found any =X) so, we went there before meeting up with my sis, then we met Justin (my cousin) with his future wife eating there too. lolx had a long and great time with them but end up having Justin's future wife spending us everything. they told us they're getting married in the mid of Sept, so i bet it's really coming soon yeah? i wanna go see larh! but i'm over at KL studying, ish.

after that, went to meet up with my sis at Waterfront, as we have to take photographs of foods by the club - The Bed nearby. it was actually my sis's freelance job but she caught me and mummy to be her guinea pig assistant. we did a lot of things, ahh i'll upload the pictures soon when i get back to KL ( i forgot to bring over my camera phone's cable to transfer it to the friggin computer, so forget about it.) the food was so-so for me, probably i have high expectations on food. kakaka *ebil grins* (salmon sashimi is good! =P)

so here i am blogging craps again. i'm just too free to do nothing, (except my 8 figures which i only started half piece out of 8 pieces. xD i'm so dead.) oh well, blog soon. adios`~