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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Urgh! I know I'm bored sitting at my dad's office helping him doing and clearing his all sorts of works. that's why I surfed the web, and I started to blog again =P

Came back to my lovely hometown 2 days ago, felt quite relax and lazy though. LOLX. and you know what? I get to play with my lovely pets, Jade, Meeko and Bumpy. Hmmm, being straight - Jade put on hell lots of weight, while Meeko's getting old, even her black face starts to turn white >_<" Bumpy jr. - getting healthier and having his hair shiny black + handsome, after my mum change his diet *following to a dog nutritionist's diet plan* LOLX! nowadays animals need diet plan too! Woah~ unbelievable eh? o.O"

Didn't even phone my friends to go for tea-time at night as was a bit sleepy due to the 'activities' that I did with my pets. playing around whole day long with them, not tired also become tired larh!! crazy one. the pets are insane! rawr~

Mum spent me my lunch at Wagamama - our favourite Japanese Restaurant yesterday. Wuhu~ got really stuffed by mum as she keep on ordering sushi-s and other stuffs. when my set meal got here, I was half-full already xD bad ma..baddddd!!

now i'm half way stucked here as I'm waiting my mum to get some important documents for me to help on with my dad. that is why i'm crapping a lot here. don't mind me please. =P will crap a whole lot more sooner if I get to be damn friggin free =P

and yeah! I haven't start my holiday assignments - figures yet =( oh well, i'm gonna die soon probably. my bf will start hushing and scolding me for that. xD bless me!