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Sunday, August 20, 2006


It's holidays!! and yeah, guess what I'll be doing? back to my gaming life ^^ ahh it's been months I haven't been touching mua maple! and, went back for these 2 days, joined a new guild, bought new stuffs inside, levelled my character. Ahhh I was really enjoying it though =P

So today I was friggin boring, so I went to the new map launched weeks ago, and found out some new monsters to kill, and some bloody quests which are quite annoying to finish it.

Well, I was walking at the maps, doing nothing..

I....I met a bunch of alien robbers.

And yeah, I bet there's no donut in their place. But suprisingly they knew what is DONUT! Darn they try to rob it from me..and yeah, that's my preciouuuuusssss donut, how would I simply let them snatch it away from me?

So.. yeah, I ran away!!

After running far away from da friggin robber aliens, I was kinda exhausted. But then, I just saw some aliens that really amused me xD

I was like, WTF!?!!? Even aliens do these?!!? See that stack of money? they were actually trading know..I don't really need to explain it >_<" Well, I personally chose to ignore them while they go on and do their business..there I met another abnormal alien, or perhaps, for aliens, it is normal o.O"

Don't ask me, I seriously don't know what is this alien kissing...

Continue my walking, I met another alien..I bet he's too boring, so he asked me to played with him. Play what?
- Scissors, Cloth + Rock. (hope people understands what do I mean..I heck know what name is this game =_=")

And yeah!! I got owned by a friggin alien. Perhaps they have only big heads and small body, so everything can just put into their brain or what. Pif! He's just friggin lucky *rawr!*

After that, I went back to the city nearby and got invited by friends for some party quests held in the tower. So yeah..bringing a sad mood (tio bullied by alien T-T)..But luckily I have some friends to cheer me up with telling me the experience and items that could be get inside the party quest. So, I quickly leave this friggin place..

Before I go..I saw something which is really important to all of the maple players out there.

Oh~ Hail the admin!! Say "TAK NAK" to game hacks and bots!! xD

After that, went over to the tower and find my friends there.

Lolx yeah, and then we got into the party quest from the red sign, and finished up our business.

Browsing through screenshots while I was trying to post up all my screenshots above, I found one of my lovely screenshot that I took with my ex-guild and ex-guildmates.

Yay~ this is my previous guild, which got disbanded later, PrincezZ =) this guild is only filled with girls. Non-boys. xD it's PrincezZ not Prince right? it's only meant for cute looking girls =P *opps did I say that? xD* [yeah, the bunny looking girl is me!]

Yeah, so what I did today is these. Bored eh? pity me, I'm going back to mua hometown soon. SO LET ME ENJOY MUA GAMESS!! *rawr~*