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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


While i was surfing my 'daily forum' ro-g (in case people don't know, it's RagnarokOnline-Guardians forum) xP i found out this, which really gives me a big shock, and wonder why, and HOW people can do this kind of things =_="

18-year old MIT students faces 2 murder counts in Bacoor, Cavite (Philipines)

in case no people know where is Bacoor, Cavite, Philipines. i searched for the map and here's the picture.

For people who know this game, Ragnarok Online, which was a famous game since 2 years ago. (well, it quite started to get famous in Korea and Taiwan as the coutries there are more alert to online games and computer games) as usual, game characters have weapons and equipments to battle and etc. they even have miscellaneous things to somehow enhance the weapon to become stronger and more powerful than the old one, or to enhance equipments so that it can protect more harm from the monsters around the city maps while the players are levelling their game character. so, there are cards - monster cards dropped by various types of monsters, the cards even provide all sorts of special effects and functions if it is equipped by certain weapon or equipments. [it's kinda hard to explain it here if someone hasn't touch any kind of games or online games before, its better to experience it though =P]

so, there are types and different levels, characteristics, attribute, and even spawn rate of monsters in the game. well, there happen to have very rare monsters that their spawn rate are extremely low, which may only spawn 1 of it every hour. and the things or cards or even equipments/weapons may be dropped by the monster. it happen to be, the card that the rare monster named 'Golden Thief Bug' drop a very unique+powerful+special card that the whole global server doesn't really exists a lot. well, for Malaysia, it costs around rm1000-rm2000+ or even MORE than that. =P unbelievable right? although people may think it's silly to buy a GAME card that can be only functioned in the game, totally useless in the real world - but still a lot of 'silly' gamers will buy that using real money.

well, i totally don't know anything about the price in Philipines, of course i only know about Malaysia's one. well, it cost P1.5mil - means Philipines money 1.5mil, convert back to malaysian ringgit, its abt rm100,000. WOAH! godly price eh? rm100,000! add another more rm50,000 and you can actually own a Mini Cooper S series! darn~

greed leads to scamming, hacking in game. but i never know that it'll lead someone to kill. as you know, game = game. it's JUST a game.

i have no idea why people would sacrifice their whole life or by making their hand 'dirty' just for that game card. yes i know it can be sold for rm100,000 or P1.5mil, but still..can't people be reasonable? well, the papers didn't explain the exact reason - why did the murderer killed the victim. but the main cause that leads to the murder is JUST a game card.

sometimes, there are better things in life, instead of games and other virtual things. it's items and things that we can't even touch..yet people fight deadly for it in the real world, even by killing someone. the murderer is just 18 years old this year. sad to say, he may spend his whole life in the jail or maybe the punishment in Philipines is much more lighter.
- Philipine's Death Penalty law.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Here i am. friggin boring at home late night at 11:24 p.m. doing nothing on the internet line, surfing crap websites like friendster, WAYN or what-so-ever. urgh, RO-G forum is down, and i lost my guild's new forum address, can anyone save me from bored-ness?

sorry sharon darling, didn't turn up last night - that day told you that i would probably call u at 10 something after church for a tea, but end up i reached home at 11 something >_<" sorry my dear i didn't mean to T-T sobx sobx T-T

ahh by the way, me and yon hui and nik are still planning our party time for few of us at yon hui's house. we're gonna rock his house! watch horror movie, eat popcorns or call for domino pizza delivery (this is what we always do =P) yeah, i'm gonna miss yon hui since he's going for illustration while me, nik and mas are going for advertising. sad yeah? yon hui is a great friend there + a good pal + good "sister" xD omg don't whack me for this, yon hui =P

today - still woke up early for nothing and went for dim sum lunch with my mum. ehh KL no nice dim sum can be found (or i haven't found any =X) so, we went there before meeting up with my sis, then we met Justin (my cousin) with his future wife eating there too. lolx had a long and great time with them but end up having Justin's future wife spending us everything. they told us they're getting married in the mid of Sept, so i bet it's really coming soon yeah? i wanna go see larh! but i'm over at KL studying, ish.

after that, went to meet up with my sis at Waterfront, as we have to take photographs of foods by the club - The Bed nearby. it was actually my sis's freelance job but she caught me and mummy to be her guinea pig assistant. we did a lot of things, ahh i'll upload the pictures soon when i get back to KL ( i forgot to bring over my camera phone's cable to transfer it to the friggin computer, so forget about it.) the food was so-so for me, probably i have high expectations on food. kakaka *ebil grins* (salmon sashimi is good! =P)

so here i am blogging craps again. i'm just too free to do nothing, (except my 8 figures which i only started half piece out of 8 pieces. xD i'm so dead.) oh well, blog soon. adios`~

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Urgh! I know I'm bored sitting at my dad's office helping him doing and clearing his all sorts of works. that's why I surfed the web, and I started to blog again =P

Came back to my lovely hometown 2 days ago, felt quite relax and lazy though. LOLX. and you know what? I get to play with my lovely pets, Jade, Meeko and Bumpy. Hmmm, being straight - Jade put on hell lots of weight, while Meeko's getting old, even her black face starts to turn white >_<" Bumpy jr. - getting healthier and having his hair shiny black + handsome, after my mum change his diet *following to a dog nutritionist's diet plan* LOLX! nowadays animals need diet plan too! Woah~ unbelievable eh? o.O"

Didn't even phone my friends to go for tea-time at night as was a bit sleepy due to the 'activities' that I did with my pets. playing around whole day long with them, not tired also become tired larh!! crazy one. the pets are insane! rawr~

Mum spent me my lunch at Wagamama - our favourite Japanese Restaurant yesterday. Wuhu~ got really stuffed by mum as she keep on ordering sushi-s and other stuffs. when my set meal got here, I was half-full already xD bad ma..baddddd!!

now i'm half way stucked here as I'm waiting my mum to get some important documents for me to help on with my dad. that is why i'm crapping a lot here. don't mind me please. =P will crap a whole lot more sooner if I get to be damn friggin free =P

and yeah! I haven't start my holiday assignments - figures yet =( oh well, i'm gonna die soon probably. my bf will start hushing and scolding me for that. xD bless me!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


It's holidays!! and yeah, guess what I'll be doing? back to my gaming life ^^ ahh it's been months I haven't been touching mua maple! and, went back for these 2 days, joined a new guild, bought new stuffs inside, levelled my character. Ahhh I was really enjoying it though =P

So today I was friggin boring, so I went to the new map launched weeks ago, and found out some new monsters to kill, and some bloody quests which are quite annoying to finish it.

Well, I was walking at the maps, doing nothing..

I....I met a bunch of alien robbers.

And yeah, I bet there's no donut in their place. But suprisingly they knew what is DONUT! Darn they try to rob it from me..and yeah, that's my preciouuuuusssss donut, how would I simply let them snatch it away from me?

So.. yeah, I ran away!!

After running far away from da friggin robber aliens, I was kinda exhausted. But then, I just saw some aliens that really amused me xD

I was like, WTF!?!!? Even aliens do these?!!? See that stack of money? they were actually trading know..I don't really need to explain it >_<" Well, I personally chose to ignore them while they go on and do their business..there I met another abnormal alien, or perhaps, for aliens, it is normal o.O"

Don't ask me, I seriously don't know what is this alien kissing...

Continue my walking, I met another alien..I bet he's too boring, so he asked me to played with him. Play what?
- Scissors, Cloth + Rock. (hope people understands what do I mean..I heck know what name is this game =_=")

And yeah!! I got owned by a friggin alien. Perhaps they have only big heads and small body, so everything can just put into their brain or what. Pif! He's just friggin lucky *rawr!*

After that, I went back to the city nearby and got invited by friends for some party quests held in the tower. So yeah..bringing a sad mood (tio bullied by alien T-T)..But luckily I have some friends to cheer me up with telling me the experience and items that could be get inside the party quest. So, I quickly leave this friggin place..

Before I go..I saw something which is really important to all of the maple players out there.

Oh~ Hail the admin!! Say "TAK NAK" to game hacks and bots!! xD

After that, went over to the tower and find my friends there.

Lolx yeah, and then we got into the party quest from the red sign, and finished up our business.

Browsing through screenshots while I was trying to post up all my screenshots above, I found one of my lovely screenshot that I took with my ex-guild and ex-guildmates.

Yay~ this is my previous guild, which got disbanded later, PrincezZ =) this guild is only filled with girls. Non-boys. xD it's PrincezZ not Prince right? it's only meant for cute looking girls =P *opps did I say that? xD* [yeah, the bunny looking girl is me!]

Yeah, so what I did today is these. Bored eh? pity me, I'm going back to mua hometown soon. SO LET ME ENJOY MUA GAMESS!! *rawr~*

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Ahh, term break is really coming in 1 week time. gosh I think I'll start missing my class and my classmates already. sobx, we'll be majoring next term, so I guess it's time to head to our own way. Browsing through my pictures saved inside my computer, missing all the times we had. lolx we did had a whole lot of fun as I was the active ones and noisiest in class =P

Bringing back all the memories and times we had =P

Last term's Communication Skills 1's class - E1, with Miss Pinky, our best lecturer.

This is E2, we had to divide into two classes for some reasons, I just don't know why. =P

This term's Communication Skills 2's class. They were discussing about something with our lecturer, May-Ann. She's a nice lecturer although she only taught us for 7 weeks.

During Irene's Letter and Calligraphy class~ she's a very gentle lecturer who talks softly even when she's scolding =P you'll feel bad if you bullied her, because she's just too good xD

Caught Sabrina who also came from Sabah sharpening her calligraphy pen during Irene's class =P

Ahh I forgot what shingyi and nik was discussing about though. but I wonder what's mas smirking at *ebil grins*

during Lin's birthday that we celebrated after class.

Our field trip to KLCC =P lolx chin horng looks damn funny. don't know what he's trying to do =P

Guess I'll really miss all the fun we had. CD061-2 rocks! xD

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Car stolen.

Early this morning, my friend SMS-ed and told me that one of our friend's car was stolen. well, here are the informations, and I hope that if anyone sees this car, please contact the number provided AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


-Copied from Friendster's Bulletin Board-
Topic: Car Stolen.

Early this morning, my friend called me up and said his car is stolen, he parked his car just opposite/accross a road from his terrace house at Taman Sri Gombak, Sel.

His car details is as below:
Producer : Proton
Model : Wira Aeroback
Color : Metalic Green
Plat No. : WJL 1811

Whoever see/found it plz kindly contact the car owner at 012-2580819 (Yao).


My another fren juz told me, his car oso being stolen at PJ.
Model : Toyota Celica
Plat No. : KL 4573 Q
Contact No. : 012-2510316 (Algren)
If possible, plz let your friends know about this too.
Thanks alot!


Above was copied from my Friendster's Bulletin Board. well, seriously, my friend who owned that Proton Wira Aeroback, bought the car at the same time with my boyfriend. now it's stolen already. ahh my boyfriend is trying to help him to search for the car too, but we also know that chances are a bit low. but we'll still try our best to keep on telling people to just pay a bit attention to metallic green proton wira aerobacks. hope everyone is willingly to help that bit. thanks for the help people. appreciate that whole lots. =D

Friday, August 11, 2006


argh! my windows live messenger had been down for the whole day, and now I finally can get to connect it back. damn pissed off by it and I don't even know what the heck happened to it.

ah well, had my last design workshop 2 lesson today, as the next week, we don't have to attend Michael's class anymore. feeling a bit sad, as he's one of the good lecturer among other so-so lecturers. I-ching for sure is the best, 2nd is Michael, 3rd would be Irene, Hoo and Jun Mei are good too, li sim who's teaching us the history of art for 2 terms - 100% sure that she's a good lecturer, who explains and teaches us everything she knows. but I only have a whole lot bad impression on Leo, who taught us Figure drawings. he's like the worst lecturer I ever met in these 2 terms. even CK who taught us figures was way more better than him. he not only come to class late for like, 1 hour, or 1 and a half hour, and then he tries to stuck everything into our brain and without letting us go for our water or toilet break. not even that, he even sucked in explaining all the things that we wants to teach. at this moment, he'll be explaining this certain part, and then he'll change topic to another part of thing, which is totally unlinked to the part that he mentioned before. who would understand what he says then? o.O"! ah whatever larh. I hardly improve like how I did during the 1st term in figure drawings though, and yea, thanks to Leo.

so, today was quite a relaxing day though. come home, finally got some time to open my Maple account to take a peek at my lovely character, and then I can take my time and sleep well..lolx. I still have some time to do my assigns for tomorrow's drawing class. Then, baka gui sms-ed me, asking me want to go out to have dinner or not. since I was quite free, that time I was almost done with my work already, so I asked him to wait for me =P haha we went to ss2's 记得食 to have our dinner. I had my favourite 芒果捞 and 糯米鸡 while gui had fried dumplings and 纸包鸡. lolx at last gui decided to spend me on don't know what reason, probably he's in blardy good mood =P haha I hope he doesn't sees this or he'll strangle me till I die xD

and OMG! it's near term break. although I'm happy that I'm having my holidays soon. but thinking deeper, I'm going separate ways with my friggin lovely classmates soon. sobx sad yea? as we had sticked together and had fun for 2 terms, means 8 months, and the friendship we built up is not easy either. ahh I'm going to miss them whole lots! some more we're not in the same major, hardly can see each other though T-T sobx sobx~ ahh I love CD061-2! all of you rocks!

knowing that it's almost term break, we asked Sabrina to come along to have lunch with us today. and duh, of course the so-called monstarrr yvonne will be following her. can't she just leave her alone, like for once? let her eat something that she wants! you friggin selfish monstar! ahh well, we can ignore her then. we had our lunch at Waffles World, in the end, me and nik got conned by the friggin looks-so-good menu. the chicken chop that nik ordered and the fish and chips that I ordered, SUCKED. its much more expensive than Secret Recipe, and hell! it doesn't taste any better than Secret Recipe's, some more it sucked! the fish was too dry and the chicken chop taste like beek steak. after that, I asked for more of the TarTar sauce which is used to dip in ur fish and chips, in the end, they get me the chilli sauce and mayonnaise. can I conclude them into - retarded? they are working in a food restaurant but yet, they don't know heck about TarTar sauce?! you can even find it in a normal supermarket for God's sake!

what a pissed off day. should say that we were pissed off since yesterday evening when yvonne prank called us. I never expected that she's such a evil hearted girl. sour grape. I just get so angry seeing people like this. I don't mind that she's friggin fat, but I mind her friggin stupid attitude which make people feels so bad. won't she every learn? rawr~

aiks! I guess i'm a bit too long winded on mua blog again. will blog again soon though =P if people don't mind seeing me typing so long xD time for me to go back to mua bed and have a good night sleep =P nights people!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a day!

Ahhh! I finally finish my product and character design, and presented it to the lecturer today. The next thing I have to do is probably, organize a farewell party for my class and our favourite funny lecturer I-ching. Sad to know that, she may not be lecturing in TOA next term anymore. Well, she said MAYBE, we don't know what's her final decision. Sad to have such a good lecturer going off though, sighs.

Urgh! I'd better stop talking about sad things. Lately I have been depressed enough, duh! With tons of presentations and projects going on, I nearly died of "suffocation"- mentally I should say. My term break is 2 weeks from now, so I'm still standing up just because I want my holidays! rawr~ gimme mua holidays Tatsun! *giggles*

and yea, the presentation went on well today. mine was a bit boring though, well, what can you say more about a spider-bunny book end? LOL. ahh I think i'll upload the photos as soon as I get it from shingyi. still having a few assignments to go, my figure drawings, fine art, letter and calligraphy's final review and the actual thing, history of art's 2d pop art..bla bla bla~ whoa! that's a whole lot more. guess I can't blog too long..I'd better keep going on my figures first. but guess what? our class is going to sunway lagoon this wednesday for our figure class! yay! field trip! and we'll have to draw tourists in all sorts of posts..I'll doubt that Leo will be late on that day, he's famous for coming late for 1 hr to class and then letting u go back late. darn I just don't like him!

today's a friggin tired day. slept 3 hours last night, and came home to sleep for few more hours perhaps? just had my dinner+supper with my friend just now at Kimgary though..10pm+ only have my dinner, sad. guess I'm so awake now after my bath and dinner, I'll probably rush my figures larh! in case I cannot finish it again~ I don't want to fail my figures! rawr~ blog soon, adios`!

Saturday, August 05, 2006


Lolx. Haven't update my blog for a week, and now I think i'm going to blog about last saturday's thingy - short to say, HISTORY. xD

Well, last Saturday, I was boring at home with my boyfriend, so he suggested that we go for window shopping and eat something good. The only thing that came into my mind was - One Utama! lolx, so I suggested we go One Utama and then eat the Vietnamese food there, where they have this very nice type of popiah, rolled with banana and prawn, and not forgetting the lovely mango. I ate these once, and it tasted really really good. I'm a bit missing it though =P But my boyfriend suggested that w
e'll go somewhere near to hang out, as he's a bit lazy to drive that far. Hmmp!! As a spoilt girlfriend =P of course i'll continue bug him till he bring me there - as I really wanted to go there, because Sunway Pyramid is soooo boring! (Hey, I hang out there like, everyday okays? It's like my 2nd home or something xD)

In the end, of course my boyfriend will end up bringing me there though xD he spoil me a lot~ *ebil grins* lolx, so off we go to One Utama, well, it's not that jam up afterall, so we reach there after half an hour of car ride. When I reach there, suddenly I thought of the famous Japanese Buffet restaurant which was once located at Wisma UOA at KL area, Saisaki. AHHH! I remembered that my friend told me it had move to One Utama and the name is..ermx, ermx, Shogun! haha, finally able to recall my memories. Lolx, so once again, I suggested my boyfriend, asking him whether he want to eat japanese food or not. Haha, we both being a japanese food addicted fans, for sure will say YES for it. Some more its cheap compare to Sunway Nagisa's Japanese Buffet or Starhill's Jogoya. *whistles*

So we quickly found a parking, and when into the shopping mall to check out where is the restaurant located at. (This is my first time coming to the new restaurant lerhx, the old Saisaki I had been there for like few times =D) Lolx I remembered that we walk to both of the old and new wing, searching for the restaurant. We looked at the directory, but ended up mistaken the location of it with another shop, haha blind me xD In the end, of course we found the restaurant, if not we'll going to end up hungry and angry+disappointed. LOL.

And it's Saturday, for sure the restaurant will be like, a whole lot of people eating! But the restaurant was really big (compare to the old one, the old one was quite small and a bit squeezy) and I think their buffet choices increased. We were really hungry that time, cause of walking around to find the restaurant, it's quite a good exercise to make yourself more hungry to get a real worth it buffet. *ebil*ebil* Ahh, so my boyfriend ask me to start dig in to the buffet, and the 1st thing I took was SASHIMI! rawr~ sashimi is always my 1st priority =P

And here are some pictures that I took that day, well, I only cared about eating that day, so I didn't manage to take some real good pictures.

This is salmon roe sushi, with a rolled sushi beside and few pieces of salmon sashimi behind. when I was taking the picture, the sashimi and sushi only left these few pieces because the rest was eaten by me and my boyfriend. kakaka~

This is what my boyfriend took for himself, the cooked ones at another side of the served food. Looks delicious heh? *saliva dripping*

Lolx we really enjoyed the food there, and we planned to bring my boyfriend's parents to come and try the food here next time too. As his parents are quite old already, and they had never try once of the Japanese food. How sad heh? So, we're still on our plan though =P see if they can accept new kind of food which are raw (sashimi and sushi). Some more the choice that are available at Shogun is like friggin lot! But the sad thing is they don't have oysters. T-T sobx~ my favourite oysters are only available at Sunway Nagisa's Japanese buffet I think. For Starhill's Jogoya, haven't try it out because it's expensive >_< some more the location is far from me. But will try to find one day, go there and try their famous japanese buffet. kekeke~

Ahh, am really busy these few weeks for my projects and presentations, never get to rest nicely..sobx~ urgh! holidays coming soon, hope to go back to my hometown and have a good rest there, accompanied by my holiday assignments *darn*. Oh well, I think I'll have to stop here. Continue on my assignments again.