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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What happened to my Internet Explorer lately? It seems like everything popped up in big and huge fonts! o.O" It makes me feel uncomfortable and weird. So here I am, using Mozilla Firefox, and found out everything is normal like usual.

Darn, probably I'll whack my Internet Explorer soon. keep on popping out problems and not safe enough to prevent spywares on crashing into your computer. Sometimes I do prefer using firefox though =P.

Urgh, currently rushing my Surrealism art for tomorrow's Design Workshop class and my colour thumbnails for Lettering and Calligraphy class. Feeling sick today..sigh~ didn't go for my figures class, and have to get my leave letter from mum as soon as possible.

@)(#*)@$&)@*(&)(@*#)(@*$&))@ day. xD


wanted to edit my blog templates but feeling helpless >_<" getting blurie and confused of the scripts..*puke*