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Monday, July 03, 2006


Dear Tommy aka Inman..
You left us in such a sudden, without telling anyone. If it's not there's people around you, we wouldn't really know what happened to you.

I still remember those days back then, when I was still a newbie in the game that we used to be addicted long ago, you helped me, make friends with me although I'm still new. When I went to meet some of you guys, you were nice to me. You make me feel like I'm part of you guys. That was really sweet of you. Yes, indeed. There were many bad rumours about you, but you still treated everyone with your heart. You are a great friend.

LOL. I still remember the night that you told me, you're going off to Korea to have the game competition - representing Malaysia, I was so happy for you and I wished to have that chance to go, but sadly none. You comfort me by saying, that you would buy some presents for me since I don't have the chance to go there. You were understanding, loving and caring. And yeah, you all won the competition, by taking the 2nd place in the world. I was so proud of you guys. But I didn't fully expected that you would really buy things back for me - since Korea things should be deadly expensive for us back then. But yet, you brought back 2 cute cosplay headgears that is shown inside the game. The Angel band and the Devi hat. It was cute and adorable, and till now, I keep them so well in my hometown.

Don't worry, I know God will protect you and your family in his great and warm arms. May you really rest in peace. No matter what, the things that you did to us, are forever in our hearts. Everyone appreciated what you have done, and everyone will remember the wonderful times that we had spend with you.

May God's hands had welcome you into his glory land. and may He bless your wife and your baby girl. You'll be forever in our hearts. We will always love you, Tommy.

Deepest Condolences,
Catty, the lil sister that you'd always take care of.

The night of your memorial, and this may be the last time we sees your character that you had always used.

A speech and a prayer, gave by your current guild leader, Tsarah.

"Today, we are gathered here to share our passion for our friendship with Tommy,
or Inman, as known to us who know him in-game,
was he a friend;
a brother;
he was also a loving husband, to his loving wife, Kawaii
and also a father, to his sole daughter, Li En
and us, Verdandi.

When we received the news,
that of which he had moved on, without us.
There was this sudden rage and sourness welling inside everyone of us.
Do not be mistaken by my words,
for I meant --
The rage; when he was taken, he was not given a choice by the Gods
to stay beside us.
The sourness; for when he left us, he took away all those memories he had made with us;
but then again,
we do, individually,
have our own memories with him.
How, how this man laughed,

he did encouraged us in our own ways special to us,
he did touch our hearts in one way or another.
This man here, whom was one of our brotherhood,
Swear you remember him,
for, in this world,
There is only ONE Tommy.
The very one who made you laugh, cry, shrie
k, shout,
and enjoyed your time with him.

Remember him -- Tommy.