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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


These few days, I've been dragging myself to college and just don't feel like going to college. Argh! I guess my lazy worms in my body start to wake up and make me sleepy again. I've been sleeping after classes these few days, which I normally don't do. I would just do my homework and play computer after classes..but now, I wouldn't even touch and bother about my computer after I came home from class. Feel kinda sad for me eh?

Life is kinda colourful at times, but dull and boring at the mean time too. Seeing all kinds of problems happening around me, feeling a abit, helpless? As a designer student, life should be colourful and interesting eh? But I just don't know when it started to turn into black and white, dull and sooo not interesting. Ahh I've just chosen my major last week - yea, a Graphic and Advertising designer should make my life more colourful? I like playing with bright and sweet colours, in the mean time, black and white are included too. I love designs with all sorts of colours and make it looks so wonderful~ colours just attract your attention without hestitation right?

Urgh what am I talking about? I think I'm starting to mumble and grumble a lot about designs. Guess I'm gonna be a design freak one day >_<" - in a short and easy vocabulary to explain this is, WEIRDO. Haha~ guess all designers have their own weirdo part and own strong personality..ah well, guess I have to ciao. Have to stop writing nonsense and craps, hehes. =P