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Thursday, July 27, 2006


University violence, Malaysia (UPM) [English Subtitle]

A few chinese people in UPM was bullied by a big gang of Malays recently. It was in the newpapers and the topic went really hot. Perhaps, the management and lecturers there should think how to solve this problem, while this is a very sensitive issue to both Malay and Chinese people.

As we all learned in Sejarah Malaysia that, Malaysia consists of some racist issue that is considered as a very sensitive issue. The society should not comment or say anything about the rules and regulations that were set by the government. Years past by, the problem still exists no matter how. The parliment arguement that happened this year was also a big issue, and then now, you have Malay students bullying Chinese students, and this happened in the famous UPM. Well, guess everyone would be angry seeing a whole big bunch of students bullying the innocent one right? How uncivilised people can be nowadays. This obviously shows that they're still 3rd world people who doesn't know how to social and be good to people. All they know about are themselves, their own priority, one short word to definate - SELFISH.

You can see from the video, that they are bullying Chinese students no matter what gender they are, what had they do to them..the girl who's taking the video and trying to get the evidence and report to the related association was also one of the victim. But luckily she was saved by another Chinese guy student who was passing by and checking out what's happening there. Can you believe people like this still exists now? Acting like monkeys, shouting, screeching, dancing and roaring like a gorilla, this shows their stupidity and how low their intelligence would be.

Seriously I'm very angry about the big bunch of students who did those acts to the innocent students. I seriously hope that the bully students will get a heavy punishment and learn their lesson. We, Malaysians are staying in a multi-racial country, can't we just live happily together and respect each other, no matter in culture, religion or any taboos? Hell! I'm so desperate for some peaceful days where there's no hanky panky things like bullies in school and all those bad stuffs out there. Darn! Where are the stupid country rules that should make people obey them?! Come on! Stop discussing and argue about "Why Malaysia Stewardess cannot wear sexy dresses as their uniform" and discuss about something useful to the country!

Urgh, I guess I'm over reacting, but just, it's so pissing seeing things like these happens. I think I should take a break though.

*p/s: if my video cannot be seen, please go to
to watch the whole video.


nikiee said...

hish how stupid can they be?
are they racist or what?
why do they fight anyway.
eee so ffffed up.

Catty said...

I got the exact news of it. They said that UPM is a political active Uni, as the Chinese guys were from the other side, they came and sell stuffs there. And in the end they got surrounded by people like that. Darn! Can't they just ask people leave nicely? I'm so ffffed up either.