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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Dear Anthony, have to say sorry to you, cause this coming Saturday, I'm not able to go and support you at Genting for your final round of Astro Talented Show..Argh! I hate my Drama lecturer Gary in a sudden...pif pifs. I wanted to go..but stupid Gary suddenly say there's a class replacement to present our drama..DARN!

*sobs*sobs* So I'll pray that you'll get the 1st place and win the great prize yea! Gambadeneh! Wish you all the best and good luck! And sorry to Lilian, Mao, and Jun Jie..make you guys go there without sorry!! >_<" *sigh* I also wish to skip my class and go for it, but thinking of my other 2 group mates, I'm not able to dump and ditch them just to go and have fun and let them losing some marks..feeling guilty if I do that. *bang myself to the wall real hard!*

So everyone, remember to turn on your TV on this co
ming Saturday night yea! Please support my friend, Anthony~ ^^ Here are some contestants pictures, and he's the contestant number 5.

Lolx it seems like I'm advertising for the programme, but seriously, I'm not! I just wanna support my friend since I'm not able to go *sobs*..

Urgh time for me to nap a while and then continue on my drawings. Wow finally Michael (our Design Workshop 2 lecturer) has nothing to comment on my project anymore, yay! So I'll have to prepare the A3 size mounting board to mount it up and burn the friggin' CD-rom for him. rawr!! There's so much work to do, counting and mumbling myself now.

I'd better keep going now, nap and assigns again. Ehs, feel free to check out my art gallery on web, ^^ feel free to comment too, I do need comments to improve my works =P