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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Woah!! Freaking Happy Saturday~~~

OMGOMG! This is like a superb friggin happy saturday! My friend who compete in the Astro Talent Quest 2006 actually won the 1st place! OMG its like so owning and great! I truly wish that he'll enjoy the rest of the night and soon will achieve great in the future. Really happy for him. Gosh I nearly cried when I heard the news. Haha guess I'm now over happy and quite nuts now. Urgh!! Will continue blog tomorrow..I'm friggin nutssssss *rawrrrr!!!!*

Thursday, July 27, 2006


University violence, Malaysia (UPM) [English Subtitle]

A few chinese people in UPM was bullied by a big gang of Malays recently. It was in the newpapers and the topic went really hot. Perhaps, the management and lecturers there should think how to solve this problem, while this is a very sensitive issue to both Malay and Chinese people.

As we all learned in Sejarah Malaysia that, Malaysia consists of some racist issue that is considered as a very sensitive issue. The society should not comment or say anything about the rules and regulations that were set by the government. Years past by, the problem still exists no matter how. The parliment arguement that happened this year was also a big issue, and then now, you have Malay students bullying Chinese students, and this happened in the famous UPM. Well, guess everyone would be angry seeing a whole big bunch of students bullying the innocent one right? How uncivilised people can be nowadays. This obviously shows that they're still 3rd world people who doesn't know how to social and be good to people. All they know about are themselves, their own priority, one short word to definate - SELFISH.

You can see from the video, that they are bullying Chinese students no matter what gender they are, what had they do to them..the girl who's taking the video and trying to get the evidence and report to the related association was also one of the victim. But luckily she was saved by another Chinese guy student who was passing by and checking out what's happening there. Can you believe people like this still exists now? Acting like monkeys, shouting, screeching, dancing and roaring like a gorilla, this shows their stupidity and how low their intelligence would be.

Seriously I'm very angry about the big bunch of students who did those acts to the innocent students. I seriously hope that the bully students will get a heavy punishment and learn their lesson. We, Malaysians are staying in a multi-racial country, can't we just live happily together and respect each other, no matter in culture, religion or any taboos? Hell! I'm so desperate for some peaceful days where there's no hanky panky things like bullies in school and all those bad stuffs out there. Darn! Where are the stupid country rules that should make people obey them?! Come on! Stop discussing and argue about "Why Malaysia Stewardess cannot wear sexy dresses as their uniform" and discuss about something useful to the country!

Urgh, I guess I'm over reacting, but just, it's so pissing seeing things like these happens. I think I should take a break though.

*p/s: if my video cannot be seen, please go to
to watch the whole video.


Dear Anthony, have to say sorry to you, cause this coming Saturday, I'm not able to go and support you at Genting for your final round of Astro Talented Show..Argh! I hate my Drama lecturer Gary in a sudden...pif pifs. I wanted to go..but stupid Gary suddenly say there's a class replacement to present our drama..DARN!

*sobs*sobs* So I'll pray that you'll get the 1st place and win the great prize yea! Gambadeneh! Wish you all the best and good luck! And sorry to Lilian, Mao, and Jun Jie..make you guys go there without sorry!! >_<" *sigh* I also wish to skip my class and go for it, but thinking of my other 2 group mates, I'm not able to dump and ditch them just to go and have fun and let them losing some marks..feeling guilty if I do that. *bang myself to the wall real hard!*

So everyone, remember to turn on your TV on this co
ming Saturday night yea! Please support my friend, Anthony~ ^^ Here are some contestants pictures, and he's the contestant number 5.

Lolx it seems like I'm advertising for the programme, but seriously, I'm not! I just wanna support my friend since I'm not able to go *sobs*..

Urgh time for me to nap a while and then continue on my drawings. Wow finally Michael (our Design Workshop 2 lecturer) has nothing to comment on my project anymore, yay! So I'll have to prepare the A3 size mounting board to mount it up and burn the friggin' CD-rom for him. rawr!! There's so much work to do, counting and mumbling myself now.

I'd better keep going now, nap and assigns again. Ehs, feel free to check out my art gallery on web, ^^ feel free to comment too, I do need comments to improve my works =P

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


What happened to my Internet Explorer lately? It seems like everything popped up in big and huge fonts! o.O" It makes me feel uncomfortable and weird. So here I am, using Mozilla Firefox, and found out everything is normal like usual.

Darn, probably I'll whack my Internet Explorer soon. keep on popping out problems and not safe enough to prevent spywares on crashing into your computer. Sometimes I do prefer using firefox though =P.

Urgh, currently rushing my Surrealism art for tomorrow's Design Workshop class and my colour thumbnails for Lettering and Calligraphy class. Feeling sick today..sigh~ didn't go for my figures class, and have to get my leave letter from mum as soon as possible.

@)(#*)@$&)@*(&amp;)(@*#)(@*$&))@ day. xD


wanted to edit my blog templates but feeling helpless >_<" getting blurie and confused of the scripts..*puke*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


These few days, I've been dragging myself to college and just don't feel like going to college. Argh! I guess my lazy worms in my body start to wake up and make me sleepy again. I've been sleeping after classes these few days, which I normally don't do. I would just do my homework and play computer after classes..but now, I wouldn't even touch and bother about my computer after I came home from class. Feel kinda sad for me eh?

Life is kinda colourful at times, but dull and boring at the mean time too. Seeing all kinds of problems happening around me, feeling a abit, helpless? As a designer student, life should be colourful and interesting eh? But I just don't know when it started to turn into black and white, dull and sooo not interesting. Ahh I've just chosen my major last week - yea, a Graphic and Advertising designer should make my life more colourful? I like playing with bright and sweet colours, in the mean time, black and white are included too. I love designs with all sorts of colours and make it looks so wonderful~ colours just attract your attention without hestitation right?

Urgh what am I talking about? I think I'm starting to mumble and grumble a lot about designs. Guess I'm gonna be a design freak one day >_<" - in a short and easy vocabulary to explain this is, WEIRDO. Haha~ guess all designers have their own weirdo part and own strong personality..ah well, guess I have to ciao. Have to stop writing nonsense and craps, hehes. =P

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Endless sorrow.

12th of July, a peaceful day. A normal working day. Everybody is busy with their works. But somehow, life isn't that peaceful at all.

Yes, something did happen. But far away from me. So this is why I woke up so early today, even though I had only a few hours sleep?

Dear brother, yes, my cousin brother. A little bit childish yet mature and funny guy. A guy who used to play and talk around with me always. A guy who's unmarried but wanted to find his dream girl to marry at the age of 30+? 30 is certainly a growing old man. Yet he's still working and not giving up of finding his dream wife..

Today, he's gone home. Yeah, hopefully he has gone home, to the glory land. But, he's not even a religious person, how would I know he had been brought home by the great God? No one knows. A tragic accident, that nobody would have expected.

He's a guy which loves to play with real cars. Repairing them, modifying them, go for journey car trips, and being a helpful and understanding son at home - helping his parents to work, although they're staying at a small village near to the rural areas.. how would a young guy like him is willingly to stay at a small village which is not so modern to work for his parents? Hardly eh?

I don't even dare to count how many people around me had passed away this year. It's just half year past, and few of my beloved friends and relatives had passed away. Life is full of sorrowness eh? Thinking back then, looking at pictures that we took on his sister's wedding night, tears rolling down like a stream.. it's just one month. And he had been expecting his baby niece to be born end of this year, when everyone thinks of this, the sourness in our heart just keep on growing. Who would expect things to happen that fast?

The unpredictable life is so scary. I don't know how to accept more and more of the pain and sorrowness in life anymore. Yes, life has to go on. But the scars inside my heart will still remain, and it's also deeply hurt. Yeah, I'll be going back to my hometown to see him ONE LAST TIME. He's a lovely brother, a caring one. And an understanding one. How I miss those times that we used to hang out together and have fun, how I miss those times that he used to stay at our house and care about each other, how I miss...

The pain of my heart cannot be expressed through words, I really had enough. I'm still trying to accept it, trying hard.. but my heart still resists the fact.. I'm trying to runaway.. from this sorrow life..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Miri Girl Fight Ver.2

Credits to Kenny Sia - the famous blogger in Malaysia. He copied the 'ah lian' style which the Miri girls students fight that happened recently. LOL this video clip is totally pawnage.

Believe that a lot of people know about the case - that a gang of Miri St. Joe's girl students bullied a girl which they brutally slap, and hit her. Lol so, kenny sia, personally from Sarawak, made another version of it. He sacarstically shows the kiddo-ness and lame-ness of the girl students whom act to be some 'gangster' or someone powerful that bullied the girl.

What I can say is, Kenny Sia rocks! Ownage video clip he made.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Dear Tommy aka Inman..
You left us in such a sudden, without telling anyone. If it's not there's people around you, we wouldn't really know what happened to you.

I still remember those days back then, when I was still a newbie in the game that we used to be addicted long ago, you helped me, make friends with me although I'm still new. When I went to meet some of you guys, you were nice to me. You make me feel like I'm part of you guys. That was really sweet of you. Yes, indeed. There were many bad rumours about you, but you still treated everyone with your heart. You are a great friend.

LOL. I still remember the night that you told me, you're going off to Korea to have the game competition - representing Malaysia, I was so happy for you and I wished to have that chance to go, but sadly none. You comfort me by saying, that you would buy some presents for me since I don't have the chance to go there. You were understanding, loving and caring. And yeah, you all won the competition, by taking the 2nd place in the world. I was so proud of you guys. But I didn't fully expected that you would really buy things back for me - since Korea things should be deadly expensive for us back then. But yet, you brought back 2 cute cosplay headgears that is shown inside the game. The Angel band and the Devi hat. It was cute and adorable, and till now, I keep them so well in my hometown.

Don't worry, I know God will protect you and your family in his great and warm arms. May you really rest in peace. No matter what, the things that you did to us, are forever in our hearts. Everyone appreciated what you have done, and everyone will remember the wonderful times that we had spend with you.

May God's hands had welcome you into his glory land. and may He bless your wife and your baby girl. You'll be forever in our hearts. We will always love you, Tommy.

Deepest Condolences,
Catty, the lil sister that you'd always take care of.

The night of your memorial, and this may be the last time we sees your character that you had always used.

A speech and a prayer, gave by your current guild leader, Tsarah.

"Today, we are gathered here to share our passion for our friendship with Tommy,
or Inman, as known to us who know him in-game,
was he a friend;
a brother;
he was also a loving husband, to his loving wife, Kawaii
and also a father, to his sole daughter, Li En
and us, Verdandi.

When we received the news,
that of which he had moved on, without us.
There was this sudden rage and sourness welling inside everyone of us.
Do not be mistaken by my words,
for I meant --
The rage; when he was taken, he was not given a choice by the Gods
to stay beside us.
The sourness; for when he left us, he took away all those memories he had made with us;
but then again,
we do, individually,
have our own memories with him.
How, how this man laughed,

he did encouraged us in our own ways special to us,
he did touch our hearts in one way or another.
This man here, whom was one of our brotherhood,
Swear you remember him,
for, in this world,
There is only ONE Tommy.
The very one who made you laugh, cry, shrie
k, shout,
and enjoyed your time with him.

Remember him -- Tommy.