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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Freaking tired...

Ahhh! I can't stand it anymore. I'm so so so so freaking tired! Slept 3-4 hours last night, woke up early, went to college, settle my assignments, then after class - went home with my group members, do our fashion thingy presentation costume..tidy up the house, mop the floor, throw the rubbish, bla bla bla, and bla bla bla.

I can't freaking believe I've done that for today. And I'm now 1/4 alive. Later night, got to do my Surrealism thumbs for my Design workshop, and then calligraphy for my L & C class (in case no one knows what's that, L & C = Lettering and Calligraphy class). And then we have to continue rush our costume. Argh! I'm going to get mad soon, real soon!

I want to go shopping! Yea, me, mas, nik and shingyi had discussed about our shopping plan, and we're gonna be shopaholic! LOL. First we have to like, save money for quite some time, and we'll go shop in one go! Haha that's the fun part. and you'll probably feel satisfied and happy after getting so many things in one time =P we're crazy, don't mind us please. xD

So I better go take my bath and have a nap. Later only have to continue my work again. Sigh, suffering here, and my sis dumped and left me behind T-T how sad..

Sigh I better keep going. Blog soon. Adios`~


nikiee said...

yayyy go shopping :D

Catty said...

save monay save monay~ rawr~~