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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Freaking tired...

Ahhh! I can't stand it anymore. I'm so so so so freaking tired! Slept 3-4 hours last night, woke up early, went to college, settle my assignments, then after class - went home with my group members, do our fashion thingy presentation costume..tidy up the house, mop the floor, throw the rubbish, bla bla bla, and bla bla bla.

I can't freaking believe I've done that for today. And I'm now 1/4 alive. Later night, got to do my Surrealism thumbs for my Design workshop, and then calligraphy for my L & C class (in case no one knows what's that, L & C = Lettering and Calligraphy class). And then we have to continue rush our costume. Argh! I'm going to get mad soon, real soon!

I want to go shopping! Yea, me, mas, nik and shingyi had discussed about our shopping plan, and we're gonna be shopaholic! LOL. First we have to like, save money for quite some time, and we'll go shop in one go! Haha that's the fun part. and you'll probably feel satisfied and happy after getting so many things in one time =P we're crazy, don't mind us please. xD

So I better go take my bath and have a nap. Later only have to continue my work again. Sigh, suffering here, and my sis dumped and left me behind T-T how sad..

Sigh I better keep going. Blog soon. Adios`~

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wow~'s been a long long time since I had post my blog of my cousin's wedding. Well, not to get outdated, my cousin is pregnant now and soon will be having a baby~ that's a freaking great news for our whole family =) and yay~ I'll be having a nephew or niece to play with *ebil grins*.

And yeah, my 2nd semester had started since 1 month ago, and I'm currently catching up with my assignments and lessons so I'll be able to get good grades on it. but art is so subjective, so i'll have to work triple hard to get at least an A on my result slip eh? well, this is the path I had chosen, so no turning back for me =D

Nah, feels that my time on the net will be decreasing slowly and my time on my lovely games will follow up too. sad thing eh? Hmmm, and i'll be having a fashion presentation soon this friday, well, wish me luck! I'm the model, now this is pressure and stress! Hah~ it's probably i'm not confident about my body and my looks? LOL.

Ahh! I got a new top today, and i'm now so happy about it. It's from the famous TopShop and it's really cheap. Owh, forgot to mention that MNG is having their sales too. It's like everything is so cheap and you'll feel like buying the whole shop down. LOL. this is what crazy woman does =P But I didn't manage to get any nice clothes or garment at MNG is probably because the good ones were all snatched by other people, since last friday? Yea, me and my friends manage to peek at MNG last friday while we were passing by and it was on sales! Hell no, the ladies were snatching clothes and digging from the big pile of clothes, as it was really cheap! Haha but today is Monday already, I bet there's no more anything good left. But I'm happy that my friend was able to get herself a pair of jeans and it's really cheap. Happy for her =)

Owh well, I still saw a few nice tops from Colours, and.. I think i'll be getting it soon =P I just can't resist nice clothes~ And in Time Square, they have this boutique, also sell really cute tops and blouses!! And it's cheap! But I don't even know whether I have that kind of golden time to go there to shop or not. sad for me. no transportation, no companion, pity. Thinking about my boyfriend, nah, he's a bit busy on work right now, and as a girl friend, I should be understanding him, not nagging and bugging him to go shop with me together right? Hehe so i'll just probably date on few of my girl friends to go shop with me. Girls have better taste on girlie clothes right? =P

Hmmm, my sister will be leaving tomorrow and she ain't going to come back and stay here anymore. sad thing again for me. my sister will be leaving with one of our housemate, which used to be her secondary school friends until now, leaving me and another housemate behind. So I have to probably wait my brother and his girl friend to move in as soon as possible. And also waiting for my another room mate to move in with me.

Suddenly I feel like changing my hairstyle. I just don't know why. Can anyone give me any comments on whether I should change or not? I'm getting bored of it. Feel like straightening it back to which I used to be. Haha I have straight hair during secondary school, I mean from Junior 1 to Senior 2. But in the end I had my hair curled and permed during Senior 3. Trying to look more different eh~ xD So i'm still confused about it and still thinking about it hard..

And yea~ I miss my darling very much, hope to see him more. And I hope to have more holidays so I can relax =P Well, life ain't that easy. I better pull up my socks and continue with my studies instead of blogging here too much =P people would get really bored see me talking nonsense, Hah!