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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

First night of arriving...

Weueewww~ It was Thursday, 27th of April 2006. Me and my sis is going back to our hometown, Kota Kinabalu - from KL. Well, after we got off the plane, we head straight to the bride-to-be, our cousin's house. They are having a something like gathering dinner with both family members and things like that. So after reaching our cousin's house, we went straight in to the house to find our dearie mummy and our bride-to-be-cousin, siao li.

Well, she's putting on her make-up and dressing up as usual ^^ our mummy dearie is helping her to make-up too. So we had a short chat while doing those things. Later on, we went out to help on the dinner and food, so I had few pictures too! xD

Da food on that night~

Looks delicious right? Yummie~ tummy is drumming that time ^^

So, the dinner starts and everyone went munching on their foods. While munching on foods, we took pictures too~ ^^

From left: My cousin's auntie (Lui yi), my dearie mummy, my cousin's mummy (Nyiongnyiong), my cousin (bride-to-be, Siao li), me (da below one squirting), Auntie Feng, my cousin's sister Ah Mui(means my cousin too, lolx!)

From left: My cousin (bride-to-be, Siao Li), me in da center, and my another cousin Ah Mui.

Family pictures~

The wedding cake made by my dearie mummy~ delicious larh wei!! *slurpsss~*

Well, after the dinner, it is time to do the traditional thingy - the tea drinking part. (The bride and the groom needs to pay their respect to their in laws n parents/seniors by giving tea for them to drink.) So, I got another few pictures of that session.

The groom handling the tea to my daddy.

Mummy and daddy drinking the tea~

Wow~ daddy is giving her a necklace as a wedding gift~ how nice =P

Aiks mummy also giving her a necklace!! Ahh she's going to be rich!! lolx~

Ahhh.. the tea that they drank. Its just tea boiled with red dates and the chinese type of sugar rock.

Lolx, after drinking all the cousin turned out to be filthy rich! lolx, well, I'm just bluffing =P but we were laughing so we took the camera and take down her 'filthy rich' looks! xD

Lolx, she looks funny!!

Lolx saw that? She's crazy~ with us I mean =P

Haha after everything is settled, we have to go home and take our rest. Finally we can rest well =P We had been running here and there since morning =( pity us. So we'll probably be getting ready for the wedding night the day after. Well, we have a lot of things to do, make our hair, beautify our looks, lolx! Getting dress up~ Haha, lets get a good night sleep before our looks get worse xD nights everyone~ =)


nikiee said...

ur cousins dress is purdyyyy!

Catty said...

omg hun..only now i saw ur comment! darn blogger is fucked up. didnt even give me any notifications abt ur comment. pif! yea, she bought it here probably =P