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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What is blogging? Blogging = 100% writing diaries? Wrong. If you are someone who loves to blog, does this mean that you're someone who loves to share all your secrets to the public? Wrong too.

People may not know what is the meaning of blogging. It does happen to one of my forum mate..
Well, he thinks that blogging = letting people see your diary, and he thinks that people who like to blog = loves to share your secrets to the public. Now, this is a very wrong concept of his. I may not say mine is 100% correct, but at least, blogging doesn't only mean to write diaries and share your secrets.

Yes, a blog is somewhere like your homepage. You can write whatever you want the public or your friends to see. You can also write something that you want to share with the public, some opinions and comments about certain thing that you want to tell everyone..
But also, you can write your diary too, if you don't mind people reading it. You can also write secrets that you want people to know about it, if you don't mind people knowing it too.

Blogging can be a good or a bad thing. The good thing is, you can share a lot of ideas/opinions/comments to everyone (I mean the good ones). While the bad thing is - people may know what kind of person you are through the way you talk and you express yourself through your own blog.

My previous Communication Skills lecturer in my college once advised students who has blogs like us to becareful on what we talk and how we talk on our own blogs, as she once came across to know that, some boss/manager/who so ever that interview you for your job/work/any occassions, will actually surf on the net to look for your blog (by name/nick/any keywords). If you're really that unlucky and you'd found by them, they can actually know what kind of person you are, how do you act, and how well you could express yourself in certain terms. Well, if you blog really good in your blog, then Congratulations, because they might employ you. But if you act badly/rudely or what so ever in your blog, your reputation might just drop - and you lost a job just like that.

Well, this advise from her do makes me to becareful on how I blog, and how I express myself in my own blog. Thanks to the lecturer (Well, she was a great lecturer that I always liked.) alot. If its not her, I think I learn a lot more lesser, thank you Ms. Pinky, you're always great =)


nikiee said...

thats why we should start blogging like how anuar does :p
theyll sure hire us then. lol.

Catty said...

haha hell no hun~ he's like writing some books or what so ever and it's god damn boring for me LOL. My blog isn't heading to that kinda style LOLX~

Tetragrammaton said...

Mithrandir here, from Ro-g @.@.
IMO, blogging is more like a way to express yourself.

Some people share their life, happiness and sadness. Some use to keep their assignment progression. Some use it as a place to showcase their hobby and lastly some use it for ranting where they can't deal in real life and being a hypocrite in cyber world.

La'enCier said...

blogger rawks...

Catty said...

mithrandir: i agree lolx, but some people just think negatively that blogging isn't a good thing to do =D

baka sylvester..blogging sure rocks!

Damien|ダミエン said...

ops used wrong acc, this is my actual account with my blog inside ^^

Catty said...

hey mithrandir! I didn't expect you to write chinese in your blog! now that's a big suprise for me!