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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Before term breaks..

Haha! Before term breaks, everyone seems to be stress and lack of sleep. Well, we have to pass up like tons of projects and do tons of presentation too..sigh.

Yeah, above description is for the last week of our FINALS. After that helletic-week, we still left ONE last presentation on monday, that is during our first week, first day of our holidays. Well, we wore formal and did our presentation. My group ended at 12:30 and the others will start after a short moment. Hmmm, aaron, juju and shasha will be starting after the break, at the mean time, I went home to change into a more casual + comfortable suit ^^. And, ah! I'm lucky to have my sis and her bf at home, so I can save back my energy from walking back to Pyramid again xD what a lucky day~

But shasha they all seems to be having their presentation still, so I went to meet nik and shingyi for lunch. We had our lunch at KFC - nik is having the new promoted "Mushroom Chicken Chop" while I'm having the old Zinger burger and shingyi is having the other burger set. After finish eating, we're still bored. They are still doing their presentation and we have nothing to do while waiting them. So, I suggested we 3 go to have some fun first - Ice Skating. Wee~ we went down and paid for the entrance fees + gloves + socks, luckily we brought along our student card so we can have discount on the entrance fees. Yeehar~ ^^ so its total RM21 for everything xD

We went in and we had a locker for our valuable things and shoes *lolx why would people steal your shoes? Believe me, there are cases of 'shoes disappearing' there. =P* Then we went to take our skating shoes from the counter, and I found out that - my leg is the longest in 3 of us! Hah! I'm wearing 38 while both of them wear 37, lolx! So, we went to skate while waiting them..and we took pictures while resting xD

Here are the pics..

Take one: Lolx we're acting funny faces!!

Take two: Acting stupid =P with my tongue out xD

Take three: Continuing with da stupid faces *aiks! shingyi's face is half cropped! ahh, nik you have to get the right position =P*

Take four: Tongues out everyone! =P~

Take five: Aww~ what's with the frowning face? Nik you shaked the camera! xD

Lolx we had real fun that day and we skated for few hours, we went home by hugging each other cause we won't be seeing each other for 3 weeks? Gosh I'm missing you guys now =P Well, nik let's go Lagoon and have fun for the last week kays? Not forgetting shingyi, mas, my shasha, nik's aaron, juju n anuar =P kekeke~ miss ya guys lots! Muackx~