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Friday, May 19, 2006

Continue..Second Night..

Okays okays, I haven't finish my stories yet lolx. Ahh, the second day we woke up at 11a.m. after the tiring first night (Hey, why am I waking up so early as I normally don't if I don't have classes in the morning..weird~) So, I went onlined and dearie Mummy asked me what I want to eat. I think, and I think, and I think again - I HAVE NO IDEA. lolx! Mummy was going to faint that time ROFL~ (ROFL = Roll on floor LAUGH) So, I told her why not wait her eldest daughter to wake up first? As she's always the lazy bump who's able to sleep all day long..LOL. So I onlined, and chatted with few of my friends, planning where to go during the one whole week while I'm back here at KK. Ahh, finally the lazy dog wake up (My sis's chinese Zodaic is Dog, while I'm dragon ^^) so, we tend to eat outside food cause we missed Sabah food a lot!! We get ourselves ready and went to the nearest and nice dim sum restaurant - Foo Phing. After that, me and my sis was thinking to go up to the cyber cafe and take a look at our maple characters..but, after playing for 10 minutes, we gave up. IT WAS SO LAG! worst than our home's line. PIF.

Hmm, so that night was Siao Li's wedding night, we all went to the saloon nearby and wash our hair, do some treatment and treat ourselves nice =) But in the evening, the sky start pouring heavy waters down and the actual plan and set up of the wedding dinner should be at the Garden at Sutera Habour Hotel. OMG it made us cancelled the garden set up while we go for the ballroom one. *sigh* we was disappointed. So back home we go and we prepare and get ourselves presentable lolx.

I was the emcee of the night and I was a bit nervous though =) Me, my sis and the bride - my cousin Siao Li, went earlier as we have to get her prepared for everything. Now here's more pictures to show everything that went on..

This is the bride's evening gown, sweet and lovely right? =)

Before leaving the room~ The bride and the groom.

This is the set up by Sutera Harbour Hotel at Pan Pacific Ballroom that night. Lovely though =P But still, the garden would be nicer *sobx*

The couple ice swans carved by Sutera Harbour Hotel's chef. Ain't it lovely?

The menu of the wonderful night..

Soon, we're settling the things like receiption thingy and etc outside of the ballroom. So my sis came to took pictures of ours..

I was referring to my emcee script that time and that old man beside me is my church friend.

Ahh, the back one with the pink gown is my dearest mummy! And another old man beside me - is my cousin. LOL.

And before we really get busy, we quickly took picture at the beautiful flower door..cause we probably won't have that chance after the wedding starts or ends..

Yeaps. Thats me with the bride and groom. =) And the right picture is their solo picture ^^ Sweet enough~

The backdrop of the stage..with the huge and tall cake lolx..

Soon, the wedding is going to start. So, as an emcee, I have to make a good start so everyone can get themselves warmed up for the night.
Ahhh, here's a picture while I'm doing the emcee, the lady standing beside me is the bride's Aunty (means her Mum's sister.)

Lolx I do look funny!! xD

After I start, in come the bride and groom with two cute little flower girl and boy..actually the girl is my cousin and the boy is my cousin's son LOL.

(Ahh this picture is blur because my sis didn't check on the lightning on her camera and it ruined the whole thing, sobx)

Then, the dinner starts and everyone buck up their butts and head for the food. Well, I didn't get any pictures on the food, but the food provided was wonderful.

After an hour of eating, everybody then starts to settle down and wait for the next programme. So, I went up and call upon both the bride and groom's and their parents to go up to the stage for the champagne pouring and the cake cutting ceremony.

Haha don't shake too hard Siu Sang, later you'll get it then you know LOL.

Champagne pouring..

It's the toasting time, see how the groom shout like (he's a bit insane!! LOL) *he'll kill me if he sees this.*

For Health, Longetivity, and Fruitful Union~

Sweet moment of cake cutting =)

Time to give speech for the bride and groom.. lolx~ what was my cousin doing?

After that, the bride and groom went table to table to toast harder with their family and friends~

Here are some pictures of the toasting~

Ahhh this is what Chinese always do. Toasting and drinking over and over again non-stop. LOLX but we really had fun and we enjoyed it!

After all the toasting, its time for us to say goodbye to all the guests and we - our big whole family, started to take pictures for memories. So, this is the Chong's Family. =)

This day sure is a memorable day for our Chong's Family. Sweet and warm, lovable. =)
Well, everyone wish this newly wed couple will last till the end of their lives. And I do hope they'll have a happy wedding and a happy marriage till the end of their lives. It's such a wonderful day~ ain't it? ^^

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What is blogging? Blogging = 100% writing diaries? Wrong. If you are someone who loves to blog, does this mean that you're someone who loves to share all your secrets to the public? Wrong too.

People may not know what is the meaning of blogging. It does happen to one of my forum mate..
Well, he thinks that blogging = letting people see your diary, and he thinks that people who like to blog = loves to share your secrets to the public. Now, this is a very wrong concept of his. I may not say mine is 100% correct, but at least, blogging doesn't only mean to write diaries and share your secrets.

Yes, a blog is somewhere like your homepage. You can write whatever you want the public or your friends to see. You can also write something that you want to share with the public, some opinions and comments about certain thing that you want to tell everyone..
But also, you can write your diary too, if you don't mind people reading it. You can also write secrets that you want people to know about it, if you don't mind people knowing it too.

Blogging can be a good or a bad thing. The good thing is, you can share a lot of ideas/opinions/comments to everyone (I mean the good ones). While the bad thing is - people may know what kind of person you are through the way you talk and you express yourself through your own blog.

My previous Communication Skills lecturer in my college once advised students who has blogs like us to becareful on what we talk and how we talk on our own blogs, as she once came across to know that, some boss/manager/who so ever that interview you for your job/work/any occassions, will actually surf on the net to look for your blog (by name/nick/any keywords). If you're really that unlucky and you'd found by them, they can actually know what kind of person you are, how do you act, and how well you could express yourself in certain terms. Well, if you blog really good in your blog, then Congratulations, because they might employ you. But if you act badly/rudely or what so ever in your blog, your reputation might just drop - and you lost a job just like that.

Well, this advise from her do makes me to becareful on how I blog, and how I express myself in my own blog. Thanks to the lecturer (Well, she was a great lecturer that I always liked.) alot. If its not her, I think I learn a lot more lesser, thank you Ms. Pinky, you're always great =)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

First night of arriving...

Weueewww~ It was Thursday, 27th of April 2006. Me and my sis is going back to our hometown, Kota Kinabalu - from KL. Well, after we got off the plane, we head straight to the bride-to-be, our cousin's house. They are having a something like gathering dinner with both family members and things like that. So after reaching our cousin's house, we went straight in to the house to find our dearie mummy and our bride-to-be-cousin, siao li.

Well, she's putting on her make-up and dressing up as usual ^^ our mummy dearie is helping her to make-up too. So we had a short chat while doing those things. Later on, we went out to help on the dinner and food, so I had few pictures too! xD

Da food on that night~

Looks delicious right? Yummie~ tummy is drumming that time ^^

So, the dinner starts and everyone went munching on their foods. While munching on foods, we took pictures too~ ^^

From left: My cousin's auntie (Lui yi), my dearie mummy, my cousin's mummy (Nyiongnyiong), my cousin (bride-to-be, Siao li), me (da below one squirting), Auntie Feng, my cousin's sister Ah Mui(means my cousin too, lolx!)

From left: My cousin (bride-to-be, Siao Li), me in da center, and my another cousin Ah Mui.

Family pictures~

The wedding cake made by my dearie mummy~ delicious larh wei!! *slurpsss~*

Well, after the dinner, it is time to do the traditional thingy - the tea drinking part. (The bride and the groom needs to pay their respect to their in laws n parents/seniors by giving tea for them to drink.) So, I got another few pictures of that session.

The groom handling the tea to my daddy.

Mummy and daddy drinking the tea~

Wow~ daddy is giving her a necklace as a wedding gift~ how nice =P

Aiks mummy also giving her a necklace!! Ahh she's going to be rich!! lolx~

Ahhh.. the tea that they drank. Its just tea boiled with red dates and the chinese type of sugar rock.

Lolx, after drinking all the cousin turned out to be filthy rich! lolx, well, I'm just bluffing =P but we were laughing so we took the camera and take down her 'filthy rich' looks! xD

Lolx, she looks funny!!

Lolx saw that? She's crazy~ with us I mean =P

Haha after everything is settled, we have to go home and take our rest. Finally we can rest well =P We had been running here and there since morning =( pity us. So we'll probably be getting ready for the wedding night the day after. Well, we have a lot of things to do, make our hair, beautify our looks, lolx! Getting dress up~ Haha, lets get a good night sleep before our looks get worse xD nights everyone~ =)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Before term breaks..

Haha! Before term breaks, everyone seems to be stress and lack of sleep. Well, we have to pass up like tons of projects and do tons of presentation too..sigh.

Yeah, above description is for the last week of our FINALS. After that helletic-week, we still left ONE last presentation on monday, that is during our first week, first day of our holidays. Well, we wore formal and did our presentation. My group ended at 12:30 and the others will start after a short moment. Hmmm, aaron, juju and shasha will be starting after the break, at the mean time, I went home to change into a more casual + comfortable suit ^^. And, ah! I'm lucky to have my sis and her bf at home, so I can save back my energy from walking back to Pyramid again xD what a lucky day~

But shasha they all seems to be having their presentation still, so I went to meet nik and shingyi for lunch. We had our lunch at KFC - nik is having the new promoted "Mushroom Chicken Chop" while I'm having the old Zinger burger and shingyi is having the other burger set. After finish eating, we're still bored. They are still doing their presentation and we have nothing to do while waiting them. So, I suggested we 3 go to have some fun first - Ice Skating. Wee~ we went down and paid for the entrance fees + gloves + socks, luckily we brought along our student card so we can have discount on the entrance fees. Yeehar~ ^^ so its total RM21 for everything xD

We went in and we had a locker for our valuable things and shoes *lolx why would people steal your shoes? Believe me, there are cases of 'shoes disappearing' there. =P* Then we went to take our skating shoes from the counter, and I found out that - my leg is the longest in 3 of us! Hah! I'm wearing 38 while both of them wear 37, lolx! So, we went to skate while waiting them..and we took pictures while resting xD

Here are the pics..

Take one: Lolx we're acting funny faces!!

Take two: Acting stupid =P with my tongue out xD

Take three: Continuing with da stupid faces *aiks! shingyi's face is half cropped! ahh, nik you have to get the right position =P*

Take four: Tongues out everyone! =P~

Take five: Aww~ what's with the frowning face? Nik you shaked the camera! xD

Lolx we had real fun that day and we skated for few hours, we went home by hugging each other cause we won't be seeing each other for 3 weeks? Gosh I'm missing you guys now =P Well, nik let's go Lagoon and have fun for the last week kays? Not forgetting shingyi, mas, my shasha, nik's aaron, juju n anuar =P kekeke~ miss ya guys lots! Muackx~