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Monday, April 03, 2006

*~weird day~*

It's a weird day for me today. Feeling weird, acting weird, sounding weird, doing everything really weird. I wonder what happened to me?

My brain is not functioning properly... it goes round and round and round, till i dont even know what is happening to me. I'm giving problems to shahshah today >_<" so sorry~ i was disturbing him and doing crazy stuffs to him lolx. But he was happy to help if i needed anything, how sweet of him *teehee*~

Well, have to rush my assignments again. Have not been blogging for a week plus, but then i have no mood to blog *sigh*sigh*

Here goes me..digging into my assignments again..

Wish to get a colourful life soon >_<" *sobx*sobx* I'M GETTING INSANE!!!!!!

I miss mua cat..i miss mua home..*sobx*