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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rainy days..

Its been raining everyday and night nowadays. The weather is bad as in the morning, its usually sunny and hot, while in the evening - you get thunders, lightnings and heavy rains. I do love rainy days - but only without thunders and lightnings. Don't you think that the thunders and lightnings ruin the lovely peaceful rain? For me, it does.

It's raining now. And I'm so freaking bored at home, though I still have a lot of assignments to rush. How I wish I can lie on bed relaxing-ly in this kind of rainy days..It is so suitable for sleeping inside my cosy room~ lolx =P

Nah..I can only dream on and go back to my assignments, sad eh? Sobx, I still have to work hard for another week and then HURRAYSSS it is term break time. Nyiahahahahas. I get to go back to my lovely hometown and relax a lot! Go drink with my friends, get to sleep with my lovely feline - I missed her a lot (especially her warmth and her smooth and lastic body) kekekes. I'll be back - very soon! Wait for me everyone!! I'll be back!!! Rawrhahahahahahahas!!


Sharon@Yan said...

can't wait to see u back here. i miss u, miss Mii, miss Dra, miss Choon Kiat!

Catty said...

kekeke wait me..i'll be back dearie!!