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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Darling life still have to go on although you're gone..
Yes, I've been thinking for these few days..thinking when I'm going to forget the pain of losing you..but I know I can't forget, deep inside my heart, its still hurting..
But I know, life still have to go on, friends encouraged me, supported me, your "love enemy" aka BSK aka my husband supported me too..

Still remembering the times when you and him fighting over me, although that time you told everyone you was a girl, and in the end everyone got conned by you..still thinking how stupid of you to lie to know, paper can't cover the burning fire..we still know that you're a guy at last.

Darl..I still cant stop calling u darling..although I knew that you're a guy in reality..
Don't worry about BSK getting mad..he won't now..he knew that you're important to me in certain things..

But darl..I would love to scold you one more time..of being stupid conning me..If I'd knew earlier..things won't turn out to be like this..but I still know why you wouldn't let me know anything about it..till lao told me wouldn't want me to get worry about u everyday and wouldn't want me to have this sad face everytime you're chatting to me..I know that..but, on the moment I knew you left me, I felt so deeply in pain, my heart just can't accept that you're leaving us like this..Not without you saying goodbye to me..You're MEAN..

A lot of people comforted me..lao did too..he knew that you're important to me..
I really wanted to say a lot of things to you..there's too much things that I wanted to share with you..but now, its all too late.

Darl..I do really miss you lots..Guess what? I started searching and looking back at the pictures we took in games, and I thought a lot of our pasts..You promised me that you'll show me your level99 Creator! But in the end you'd just played one time of her, and you left..You haven show me haven't! You broke your promises..

Please do take care wherever you are darl..I hope you're free of everything now..I truly hope that..Don't worry yea, I'm still in good condition..I'll take good care of myself. And I know I won't ever forget you..cause I know I can't! Miss you lots darl..hope you'll get to know how I'm feeling now..

darling Catty.


Sharon@Yan said...

hm.. although i have no idea bout who is that person.. but somehow i feel sad.. dear pls don be too sad, better to remember the happy memories btw u guys, thinking of how lucky to meet ur darling than looking down in depression. each of us has a duty to mankind, to tell our families n friends we love them. n i know u did, cos i can see ppl around u r smiling cos of u.

Catty said...

thanks dearie..I know I have to get over it someday..But somehow I'm slow in getting over it..I just don't know why..Trying hard to become as happy as usual but found it hard..How I wish you're beside me so I can lean on your shoulder a while..

Sharon@Yan said...

i hope i can get beside u to help u get over it.. take care k dear. *hugz*