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Monday, April 10, 2006

I miss u..

Dear darling Coleen...
How i wish i'm spamming msn and forums with you now..
How i wish that i can talk and chat more with you..
But its all too late...
I miss you lots...
I hope you'll be fine..
May God will lead you to the open gate of heaven..
I really missed you...from now till then..
You'll forever be in my heart.
No one will ever be in your place,
You are special to me.
Please take good care of yourself..
My heart now has one hole,
which you had taken away from me.
I miss you darling..
May you forever rest in peace.

If anyone see this blog, please pray n grief for my dear friend here. Coleen aka Eldoras aka Metamorphosis`.

Your loving darling,

10.04.2006, Monday, 10:30p.m., Geffen, Ragnarok Online - Aegir.

You'll be in our hearts forever and ever, May you rest in peace darling.

This is the only thing i can do for you, everyone paid respect to you.
May you really rest in peace.
Love you, my friend.