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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Had class in morning yesterday and will be having class in the evening too. So, after morning class, I walked back home to rush my project for Malaysian Studies aka Sejarah in English. As it started raining, so I walked with my Pink Panther umbrella. There's thunders around, and Sunway's area thunders are seriously very scary - louder than anywhere else and I think its just above our area. I was walking under a row of trees as I'm walking at the road side, so I walked so fast as I'm really scared of the freaking thunder, you can even see electric snakes in the sky! I know its beautiful..BUT IT IS FREAKING SCARY.

After reaching home, the rain is getting heavier, so I switched on the lights at home so that it won't look so dark, plus no one is at home, except for the dog at the back of the kitchen - Jade. So I let her out to accompany me while I'm doing my assignments. So I was doing my assignments with both computer - mine and my sis's one. As I was about to search for my infos, suddenly I saw a bright orange light from the side (the modem,router,electric pluck place) and then a freaking loud thunder stroke! I was shocked and Jade went to smell the modem and everything. Then all I see about the modem is, the lights were all off and it doesn't work anymore. So this means that it had been stroke by the thunder and got burnt? Hmmm..nice one lolx. I'M RUSHING ASSIGNMENTS AND THEN THE MODEM IS MAL-FUCTIONING!! OH GOSH!!!!

So, all I can do is phone my team mate and tell her that I'm not able to finish it, well luckily she didn't scold me as we have just the number of 8 pages. Phew~ After that I have to off all my computers as I don't know what happen to my computer backup battery, scared that its burnt also *sobx* So I went to college earlier and photocopied and printed out everything before our Malaysian Studies class start. It was still raining that time..gosh =_="

During the class, I was copying answers from my team mate while the lecturer suddenly say that, WE DON'T NEED TO PASS UP TODAY BUT NEXT WEEK. Suddenly I feel like a big rock fell on modem is ruined and we are rushing for nothing? Damn the lecturer. She sucks a lot. Thanks to her, we have to buy a brand new modem which cost us RM125..

So after class, my sis called me and ask me whether wanna go to Pyramid to meet her up, so we'll go and pick up one of our housemate and then go for dinner at her office area. IT WAS STILL RAINING AFTER CLASS and its already 7:30 p.m. =_=" it had been raining since 12p.m.? gosh..long rain it is.

We went to pick up our housemate at near Bangsar, then we went to Bangsar Village and ate Thai food dinner, after that we went to stock up our groceries as we ran out of eggs and a lot of food..pity us~ After that, we went to have cakes at Bakezin and the cake was wonderful. It did made me happy after eating the cake..

Here are the cakes..

This is Mango cake. Its not very pure Mango we can say. Cause we tasted some peach flavour inside. I wonder why they mix it *sobx* Its not as nice as the two other cakes below.

This is the Chocolate Amer cake. It is pure chocolate and the chocolate taste is very strong. This is how chocolate cake should be. ^^

This is Strawberry Shortcake aka Cuppy Cake. They have a song now called "Strawberry Shortcake" too. Its a little baby singing it and it suits the taste and the texture of the cake. We played it using our handphones while eating it and we felt so nice. We felt stupid though =P

After that, we went home and we actually reached home at about 11 p.m. . Oh gosh I was so tired that after bathing, I lied down and watch Stephen Chow's movie *using my sis's bf's labtop* keke..It wasn't that bad afterall. Life is getting on..Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me, and thanks to my sis as she brought me out and made me happy *cause she knew that I'd been moodless these few days*

Sharon dearie, let's go to eat some Cuppy cake when you're over here. I'm still waiting for you to come yea..miss ya and thanks for supporting me when I'm down. I owe you one Cuppy Cake ^^ hehe..


Sharon@Yan said...

yaya im totally agreed with the loudness of the thunder over there, so crazy man! next time remember not to online or talk in phone when the thunder strikes, risky.
actually i din do anything except leave u some comments so u don need to spend me anything lar. anyway the cakes look delicious!

Catty said...

but still I appreciate ur comments alot dearie ^^ lets go eat some cake =P