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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Love. What is love? Why am I talking about this? Its because I'd just saw a MTV of S.H.E.'s song named "Greyish day" and was touched by the storyline of the MTV. The story is about a girl who had a sickness which is un-curable, while there is a boy who loved her and watch over her everyday. In the end, the girl's sickness got serious and she can't go for school anymore. She lost contact with the boy and until one day - she asked everyone if anyone had seen him lately, the answer that her classmates gave her, made her sad as she missed the boy a lot. But still the girl passed away and they didn't manage to get together.

Love, is a complicated yet adorable thing. A dangerous thing - yet people wants it so much. The girl and the boy inside the MTV, lost their chance of getting together. This is also what people always get sad of. So, do appreciate the time and the precious moments of you and ur beloved. And yes! if you like someone very much, do tell them. Be honest to yourself, so you won't regret in the future when u can't.

Recently I saw some of my friends having love problems. About him and his girlfriend and family and etc. Well, as usual - I do have to give him some advices and help him a bit, not just seeing him having the sad frown face and having mental sickness everyday. Trust, understanding, caring, tolerant, honest, loyalty, and other many values that you need to have in between each other, to continue and work on a relationship. Many people may think that - surviving in a relationship and maintaining it, would be easy as they thought. But the fact is, its not. What I see in most of my friend's problem is, TOLERANT, UNDERSTANDING and TRUST. Yes, they do care and love their partners with their heart. But sometimes, things ain't gonna be when you want it to be.. All sorts of challenges will be out there waiting for everyone, example, you trust, love, care about your partner, but you guys just have so little time together that - EVERYTIME you guys planned to get to do something together, it always fail. Misunderstandings and miscommunications may happen anytime. Although you know that your partner loves you, but when he/she's not by your side at the moment you need him/her, what will you think about? Thinking of he/she's not caring about you? Thinking that he/she is not treating you like the one he/she loved?

Guessing around will only make the misunderstanding grows. Tell, talk, speak out - is the way to solve the problem. Understand your partner's situation, care and be concern. And yes, please do tolerant with each other. Sometimes things really ain't gonna be what you want it to be, so, don't give up easily to such small matters. There are much more bigger challenges than you ever know.

Why would I know all these? Its just because I learnt from my past and my mistakes. I do admit - before this I am a spoilt brat by my boyfriend as he always listens to what I say, while I am not understanding his situation and his feelings - hurting him (in short). I'm so sorry to what I did to him and he did forgive me. Well, we don't think that our relationship is so worthless to give up on these kinds of challenges though. That is what every couples need - determination. (But in certain things, its better to let go then keep on bragging.)

People learn from their mistakes, but I wish I could help people learn without hurting anyone or themselves. Its always good to see friends having a happy relationship though =P

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yawnx, yawnx and yawnx.

Its 5:23 a.m. now and I'm still awake. I'll be having class at 10 a.m. later, means I still hv 4 hours and 36 minutes left. My pop-up project is half done. DARN I WANNA SLEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! helppppp anyoneeeeeeeeee T-T *sobx*sobx*sobx*

My dying mode had just ON as I will be having three, not tree but THREE presentations later. First subject - Finish Art.
Second subject - Communication Skills
Third - Malaysian Studies.

and you know what? International students don't get to study the fucked up Malaysian Studies. Yay, they rocks. We sucks.

So they are like lack and less one subject of assignments, projects and presentations. Weee..nice one lolx. Malaysian Studies rocks! (Deep inside my heart - I feel like stabbing the notes)

Its already 5:28 a.m. and I had wasted 5 precious diamond minutes to blog. Yay, I still have to continue my work. Won't be sleeping today. I mean from last night, hah! Dang!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Rainy days..

Its been raining everyday and night nowadays. The weather is bad as in the morning, its usually sunny and hot, while in the evening - you get thunders, lightnings and heavy rains. I do love rainy days - but only without thunders and lightnings. Don't you think that the thunders and lightnings ruin the lovely peaceful rain? For me, it does.

It's raining now. And I'm so freaking bored at home, though I still have a lot of assignments to rush. How I wish I can lie on bed relaxing-ly in this kind of rainy days..It is so suitable for sleeping inside my cosy room~ lolx =P

Nah..I can only dream on and go back to my assignments, sad eh? Sobx, I still have to work hard for another week and then HURRAYSSS it is term break time. Nyiahahahahas. I get to go back to my lovely hometown and relax a lot! Go drink with my friends, get to sleep with my lovely feline - I missed her a lot (especially her warmth and her smooth and lastic body) kekekes. I'll be back - very soon! Wait for me everyone!! I'll be back!!! Rawrhahahahahahahas!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Had class in morning yesterday and will be having class in the evening too. So, after morning class, I walked back home to rush my project for Malaysian Studies aka Sejarah in English. As it started raining, so I walked with my Pink Panther umbrella. There's thunders around, and Sunway's area thunders are seriously very scary - louder than anywhere else and I think its just above our area. I was walking under a row of trees as I'm walking at the road side, so I walked so fast as I'm really scared of the freaking thunder, you can even see electric snakes in the sky! I know its beautiful..BUT IT IS FREAKING SCARY.

After reaching home, the rain is getting heavier, so I switched on the lights at home so that it won't look so dark, plus no one is at home, except for the dog at the back of the kitchen - Jade. So I let her out to accompany me while I'm doing my assignments. So I was doing my assignments with both computer - mine and my sis's one. As I was about to search for my infos, suddenly I saw a bright orange light from the side (the modem,router,electric pluck place) and then a freaking loud thunder stroke! I was shocked and Jade went to smell the modem and everything. Then all I see about the modem is, the lights were all off and it doesn't work anymore. So this means that it had been stroke by the thunder and got burnt? Hmmm..nice one lolx. I'M RUSHING ASSIGNMENTS AND THEN THE MODEM IS MAL-FUCTIONING!! OH GOSH!!!!

So, all I can do is phone my team mate and tell her that I'm not able to finish it, well luckily she didn't scold me as we have just the number of 8 pages. Phew~ After that I have to off all my computers as I don't know what happen to my computer backup battery, scared that its burnt also *sobx* So I went to college earlier and photocopied and printed out everything before our Malaysian Studies class start. It was still raining that time..gosh =_="

During the class, I was copying answers from my team mate while the lecturer suddenly say that, WE DON'T NEED TO PASS UP TODAY BUT NEXT WEEK. Suddenly I feel like a big rock fell on modem is ruined and we are rushing for nothing? Damn the lecturer. She sucks a lot. Thanks to her, we have to buy a brand new modem which cost us RM125..

So after class, my sis called me and ask me whether wanna go to Pyramid to meet her up, so we'll go and pick up one of our housemate and then go for dinner at her office area. IT WAS STILL RAINING AFTER CLASS and its already 7:30 p.m. =_=" it had been raining since 12p.m.? gosh..long rain it is.

We went to pick up our housemate at near Bangsar, then we went to Bangsar Village and ate Thai food dinner, after that we went to stock up our groceries as we ran out of eggs and a lot of food..pity us~ After that, we went to have cakes at Bakezin and the cake was wonderful. It did made me happy after eating the cake..

Here are the cakes..

This is Mango cake. Its not very pure Mango we can say. Cause we tasted some peach flavour inside. I wonder why they mix it *sobx* Its not as nice as the two other cakes below.

This is the Chocolate Amer cake. It is pure chocolate and the chocolate taste is very strong. This is how chocolate cake should be. ^^

This is Strawberry Shortcake aka Cuppy Cake. They have a song now called "Strawberry Shortcake" too. Its a little baby singing it and it suits the taste and the texture of the cake. We played it using our handphones while eating it and we felt so nice. We felt stupid though =P

After that, we went home and we actually reached home at about 11 p.m. . Oh gosh I was so tired that after bathing, I lied down and watch Stephen Chow's movie *using my sis's bf's labtop* keke..It wasn't that bad afterall. Life is getting on..Thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported me, and thanks to my sis as she brought me out and made me happy *cause she knew that I'd been moodless these few days*

Sharon dearie, let's go to eat some Cuppy cake when you're over here. I'm still waiting for you to come yea..miss ya and thanks for supporting me when I'm down. I owe you one Cuppy Cake ^^ hehe..

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Darling life still have to go on although you're gone..
Yes, I've been thinking for these few days..thinking when I'm going to forget the pain of losing you..but I know I can't forget, deep inside my heart, its still hurting..
But I know, life still have to go on, friends encouraged me, supported me, your "love enemy" aka BSK aka my husband supported me too..

Still remembering the times when you and him fighting over me, although that time you told everyone you was a girl, and in the end everyone got conned by you..still thinking how stupid of you to lie to know, paper can't cover the burning fire..we still know that you're a guy at last.

Darl..I still cant stop calling u darling..although I knew that you're a guy in reality..
Don't worry about BSK getting mad..he won't now..he knew that you're important to me in certain things..

But darl..I would love to scold you one more time..of being stupid conning me..If I'd knew earlier..things won't turn out to be like this..but I still know why you wouldn't let me know anything about it..till lao told me wouldn't want me to get worry about u everyday and wouldn't want me to have this sad face everytime you're chatting to me..I know that..but, on the moment I knew you left me, I felt so deeply in pain, my heart just can't accept that you're leaving us like this..Not without you saying goodbye to me..You're MEAN..

A lot of people comforted me..lao did too..he knew that you're important to me..
I really wanted to say a lot of things to you..there's too much things that I wanted to share with you..but now, its all too late.

Darl..I do really miss you lots..Guess what? I started searching and looking back at the pictures we took in games, and I thought a lot of our pasts..You promised me that you'll show me your level99 Creator! But in the end you'd just played one time of her, and you left..You haven show me haven't! You broke your promises..

Please do take care wherever you are darl..I hope you're free of everything now..I truly hope that..Don't worry yea, I'm still in good condition..I'll take good care of myself. And I know I won't ever forget you..cause I know I can't! Miss you lots darl..hope you'll get to know how I'm feeling now..

darling Catty.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I miss u..

Dear darling Coleen...
How i wish i'm spamming msn and forums with you now..
How i wish that i can talk and chat more with you..
But its all too late...
I miss you lots...
I hope you'll be fine..
May God will lead you to the open gate of heaven..
I really missed you...from now till then..
You'll forever be in my heart.
No one will ever be in your place,
You are special to me.
Please take good care of yourself..
My heart now has one hole,
which you had taken away from me.
I miss you darling..
May you forever rest in peace.

If anyone see this blog, please pray n grief for my dear friend here. Coleen aka Eldoras aka Metamorphosis`.

Your loving darling,

10.04.2006, Monday, 10:30p.m., Geffen, Ragnarok Online - Aegir.

You'll be in our hearts forever and ever, May you rest in peace darling.

This is the only thing i can do for you, everyone paid respect to you.
May you really rest in peace.
Love you, my friend.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

*~greyish day~*

My day today is greyish.
Colours fading away without knowing..
It makes me believe in karma..
This is a punishment for me.
I hope he'll be fine soon..
I hope he'll be able to stand up strong and tough soon.
I would love to see his happy face,
every moment, everyday.

Hope my colours of my life will come back to me soon..
I know I need them.

Monday, April 03, 2006

*~weird day~*

It's a weird day for me today. Feeling weird, acting weird, sounding weird, doing everything really weird. I wonder what happened to me?

My brain is not functioning properly... it goes round and round and round, till i dont even know what is happening to me. I'm giving problems to shahshah today >_<" so sorry~ i was disturbing him and doing crazy stuffs to him lolx. But he was happy to help if i needed anything, how sweet of him *teehee*~

Well, have to rush my assignments again. Have not been blogging for a week plus, but then i have no mood to blog *sigh*sigh*

Here goes me..digging into my assignments again..

Wish to get a colourful life soon >_<" *sobx*sobx* I'M GETTING INSANE!!!!!!

I miss mua cat..i miss mua home..*sobx*