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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

*~rainy day~*

Today i'm starting my new blog here, as i'd been blogging - using friendster's blog for quite a long time, time to change a new environment lolx!! It had been raining for the past few weeks, including today. The weather was really bad, heavy rain and loud thunders everywhere. Luckily i do not need to walk home - as if i really do so, i'll be all wet when i reach home ROFL~ After reaching home, as usual - let my dearie Jade out from the back, and as usual, she welcomes me with her "scratching legs" on me *sobx*sobx* my leg will be having lots of scars if she continues to do that to me *sigh*

After that, checking my computer and emails will be my next thing to do after letting her out, while she continue to scratch on me non-stop *pif*pif* Suddenly something came out from my mind!! I miss my elegant feline, Meeko *sobx* it had been few months since i saw her last time, wondering how she had been doing without me accompanying and hugging her to sleep every night. Then, i went to google's website to surf for cute animal pictures, expected - found lots of cutie and adorable animal pictures including rabbits, dogs, cats, tigers, leopards, lions etc etc. something like this really makes me happy~

Aint they cute and adorable? Gosh i do really love the CATS family~ they are just too beautiful~ feels like hugging them and cuddling them really hard ^^ oh gosh~ i'm so so so crazy about cats~

*sigh* feels so tired today, had not been having good rest since last week, few hours sleep is just not enough for me *sobx*sobx* some more~ i skipped class today!! *ebil grins* kekeke~ but i dont really mean to do it, as i set my alarm but still, cant wake me up, only till my classmate sms me, asking me where am i as the class had started, only i woke up! ROFL~ i roxor ^^ so i decided not to go anymore as its already so late lolx.

Hmmm~ i think its better to go and rest since tomorrow i'll be having afternoon class kekeke~ hope to have a good night sleep tonight ^^ going to my dreamland~ xD