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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

*~lonely day~*

*sigh* early morning also feel kinda lonely already. My baby start to work another new job that was assigned to him by his new boss, and now he have to work in the morning, sad for me - as normally my baby would come and find me during the morning time which i dont have any classes and go for brunch and everything. Now i think the time we can meet is only twice a week? probably i'll have to find time like - after he finish working it would be 5 o clock in the evening already. Gosh i'm starting to miss him lots *sobx*sobx*sobx*

Yesterday did went to Parkson Grand with my baby as he wanted to buy some working pants =_=" lolx it looks kinda funny on my baby though *ebil*ebil* cause i never see him wear like that before!! sooner or later i'll probably buy a belt and a tie for him, as yesterday i saw it - it was freaking expensive!! RM99.99 for one belt?!?!? whoa~ super expensive eh!! So, i'll just tell him not to worry about not having a belt as i'll buy him one soon. But here goes my money~ Well, who cares~ as long as its for my baby, i dont mind ^^ hehe~

Urgh~ i'll have to walk to school again today. Sheeeshh, by the time i reach there i'll be sweating like hell already. *sigh* life~ hope to see my baby soon *sobx* missing him lots...