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Friday, March 24, 2006

*~sleepy day~*

Argh~ today was really a sleepy day though. Was rushing my assignments since last night, and then had my rest at 4 am!! How do i manage to get enough sleep after all i have to wake up at 8 something in the morning!?!?!? *sobx*sobx* i'm so tired and toooo tired to wake up~ pity me *sigh* but luckily, i do have car to go to college, if not i'll have to walk again, and with my this kind of sleepy mood, i doubt that i'll reach college in a very fresh mood. ROFL~

Finally passed up my assignment, it was a collage thingy, which you actually have to cut from anything and paste on a paper or card, and form an object. Well, the theme that i chose is *flower*, so i went on the net and surfed for a few pictures of beautiful flowers, and made them as my references *teehee*

Well, today's class was busy! really very busy as we had few class assignments to finish up again! Duh~ why doesnt the lecturer gives us a break? i mean, we do have break during the lessons, but HEY~ everyone was so busy rushing the class assignment - as we have to pass it up within the lesson, so we do not have enough time to go have our drink and breakfast!! we're starving really hard.. *sobx*sobx* pity us again *sigh~* so me and my friends continue doing our assignment and we never had any rest during the period of time, we were just busy doing the assignments, but luckily we managed to finish the assignments in time and then - THATS IT!! *phew~*

So, after that class, we were like going to have class again at 5pm in the evening, while the time now is only 12 something in the afternoon!! man, we're going to bored to death *sobx* so, we planned where to go and what to do, but the first and the most important thing would be.. EATING OUR BREAKFAST+LUNCH!! lolx, so my friend asked me to suggest a place to eat as they always suggest a lot of places lolx~ ^^ so, at last we chose to go to Nando's to have our heavy brunch *breakfast+lunch*

Well, there are four of us, me, nik, mas, and shah. lolx shah was the only guy among us, pity him *ebil grins* so we head for Nando's and we had our brunch there, while nik's sis joined us while we're eating, and anuar came and find us to have his brunch too. after that, joe came to find shah and they are planning to go for snooker since we have so much time left, while anuar will be going to the international students briefing class. so we decided to join them. since then we're like talking and chatting - and we're laughing like hell!! like..for the whole day~!! darn, my tummy sure had a lots of exercise ^^

After that, we still have to go to have our class and throughout the whole lesson, we'd been chit chatting and playing, well, who cares listening to history thingy? its bored ^^ so sorry to say that, but we're art students and we wouldnt like any boring things *ebil grins* class ended about 7 something at night, after reaching home, only i feel relief and now i'm blogging here, well, probably i'll head to my bed after this. luckily tomorrow i dont have any class or lessons. HURRAY~!!!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

*~lonely day~*

*sigh* early morning also feel kinda lonely already. My baby start to work another new job that was assigned to him by his new boss, and now he have to work in the morning, sad for me - as normally my baby would come and find me during the morning time which i dont have any classes and go for brunch and everything. Now i think the time we can meet is only twice a week? probably i'll have to find time like - after he finish working it would be 5 o clock in the evening already. Gosh i'm starting to miss him lots *sobx*sobx*sobx*

Yesterday did went to Parkson Grand with my baby as he wanted to buy some working pants =_=" lolx it looks kinda funny on my baby though *ebil*ebil* cause i never see him wear like that before!! sooner or later i'll probably buy a belt and a tie for him, as yesterday i saw it - it was freaking expensive!! RM99.99 for one belt?!?!? whoa~ super expensive eh!! So, i'll just tell him not to worry about not having a belt as i'll buy him one soon. But here goes my money~ Well, who cares~ as long as its for my baby, i dont mind ^^ hehe~

Urgh~ i'll have to walk to school again today. Sheeeshh, by the time i reach there i'll be sweating like hell already. *sigh* life~ hope to see my baby soon *sobx* missing him lots...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

*~rainy day~*

Today i'm starting my new blog here, as i'd been blogging - using friendster's blog for quite a long time, time to change a new environment lolx!! It had been raining for the past few weeks, including today. The weather was really bad, heavy rain and loud thunders everywhere. Luckily i do not need to walk home - as if i really do so, i'll be all wet when i reach home ROFL~ After reaching home, as usual - let my dearie Jade out from the back, and as usual, she welcomes me with her "scratching legs" on me *sobx*sobx* my leg will be having lots of scars if she continues to do that to me *sigh*

After that, checking my computer and emails will be my next thing to do after letting her out, while she continue to scratch on me non-stop *pif*pif* Suddenly something came out from my mind!! I miss my elegant feline, Meeko *sobx* it had been few months since i saw her last time, wondering how she had been doing without me accompanying and hugging her to sleep every night. Then, i went to google's website to surf for cute animal pictures, expected - found lots of cutie and adorable animal pictures including rabbits, dogs, cats, tigers, leopards, lions etc etc. something like this really makes me happy~

Aint they cute and adorable? Gosh i do really love the CATS family~ they are just too beautiful~ feels like hugging them and cuddling them really hard ^^ oh gosh~ i'm so so so crazy about cats~

*sigh* feels so tired today, had not been having good rest since last week, few hours sleep is just not enough for me *sobx*sobx* some more~ i skipped class today!! *ebil grins* kekeke~ but i dont really mean to do it, as i set my alarm but still, cant wake me up, only till my classmate sms me, asking me where am i as the class had started, only i woke up! ROFL~ i roxor ^^ so i decided not to go anymore as its already so late lolx.

Hmmm~ i think its better to go and rest since tomorrow i'll be having afternoon class kekeke~ hope to have a good night sleep tonight ^^ going to my dreamland~ xD